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January 8, 2014, mobile social application of the first heavy hand tour of the "Mo Mo Hegemony" officially released. This is by the MO Technology United Ejoy Yuet Company launched a war strategy class hand tour. "The Mo Mo hegemony" by the Ejoy Yuet for the MO user to tailor the research and development, has the very open game design. Players can give full play to their creative thinking, incarnate a city of the Lord, expand the bank and granary, build the Army, launch war, Rob Resources, build cities, improve defense, every step can play their own creativity. Unlike other war strategy games, "The Struggle for Hegemony" is based on the castle resource plunder and integrates many social elements. The player through the MO account login game, you can enjoy the city construction, resources snatch fun. At the same time, players can not only see the independent of the city, the world, friends ranked information and characteristics of the distance display information, but also in the "Stranger to hegemony" Mo Mo to discuss exchanges with you, a powerful group of functions for the exchange of the players to provide protection. By customizing a series of games with the City players, near the player interaction, "Mo" will play the game method and social platform close integration, follow-up will also develop regional hegemony, friends, guild competition and other fun way. Mo Mo Technology CEO Yantan said, "Mo Mo has been hoping to bring more quality game products for the platform users." And this time the cooperation of the company has a strong technical strength and rich experience in game development and operation, I believe that the joint "Mo Mo hegemony" will be able to create more fun for the user of the game experience. "For this cooperation, Ejoy Yuet CEO Jan Zhonghui Frankly," Mo Mo has more than 90 million users, its game distribution strength has passed the top two games "Mo mo Bubble Rabbit" and "Mo Mo Dance Regiment" has been proved. Believe that "the Mo Mo Hegemony" the performance also certainly will not let both sides disappointed. "Want to challenge the global Masters, to the world's highest glory?" Come on, "fronts"!
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