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Face the reporter lens, Hanzhengen a little uneasy about his new image. The reporter Leeson Hanzhengen stroked the bald-headed Han really licking his lips Han really smiled "Han really monk" incident seems to be her mother brought back to the end, but what is inside, this newspaper has not given up to explore the truth. Yesterday, the reporter after many efforts, finally learned that Han really is currently in Shenzhen to receive psychological treatment. And another shocking news is: just "secular" Han Jin really want to facelift! In "Wang Plastic Death" Shadow has not dispersed, Han really how to make this decision?  With a lot of questions, the reporter went to Shenzhen to Korea true to visit and exclusive interview. I admit I was impulsive, but I wanted to do something I wanted to do. Yesterday 3 o'clock in the afternoon Xu, a reporter in Shenzhen, a plastic surgery hospital saw Han really true.  After simple communication and preparation, Han really decided to be interviewed by reporters.  Hua Shang Pao: Everyone is very concerned about you, how is your situation now?  Hanzhengen: OK, you also see my appearance, is now so, very tired.  Chinese business newspaper: You do not understand the practice of being a monk, how do you think? Hanzhengen: I admit I was a little impulsive at the time, but to be honest I was really repressed for too long. This can be said that over the years I have been the first time in accordance with their own ideas to do things, did not think of good and bad, but with the sex once.  There's nothing wrong with people doing crazy things for a lifetime.  Wah Shang Pao: Were you really ready to be a monk? Hanzhengen: Well, at that time I really want to be a monk, although the impulse point, but also considered a lot, really do not want to be in this circle mixed, too boring.  Mixed for such a long time, the circle of our real efforts of the people is too unfair, no matter how hard you work and fight, you get and you pay the never directly proportional, but also because of this, I just feel like to let myself quiet.  Wah Shang Pao: Do you think this way is extreme?  Hanzhengen: I think to do any thing is to have a thrust in the push, and sometimes not exactly what they want to do, is too much external things in and around me, I can not bear the time, will definitely choose a way to do back to themselves. Wah Shang Pao: Have you ever thought that you would hurt someone who really cared about you?  Regret it afterwards? Hanzhengen: I never regret doing anything, because it's no use regretting. The Masters also have been talking to me, let me recognize myself. As for the people who really care about me, I have thought about it, including my parents, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be sitting here now. But I also refuted them, I said to my mother, I consider the feelings of others, but others have never considered me. In fact, people are very strange, you want to let him like you, they may not pay attention to you, do not want to be concerned about the time, but began to pay attention to. I am very grateful to the people who like me, but this is really too weak compared to the environment, this thought the game (draft) finished on a step, but later found that there is nothing. In this circleSon, singing is important, but not the most important. About the hype I did not want to hype, just want to pay something in return. Many people think that "a monk" is Han Jin true or the company for its planning hype, when the reporter asked this question, she said did not think so.  I just hope that there is a relatively fair environment, so that more people who really work hard for the music have confidence to survive.  China Business Report: The development of things to later, many people are questioning you this time is a hype, you want to say? Hanzhengen: At that time I wanted to choose my own way because of pressure, after a long time I figured out a lot of things, including my own ideas have changed, and because of my mother's relationship, I chose to come back.  What I didn't think of was that things had come to this point.  Hua Shang Pao: At first everyone thought you were doing this because of your career, what have you been doing all these years after the game? Hanzhengen: The beginning is forced to perform, because just after the scenery, has completely forgotten their original intention, forget that they are doing music.  Also because at that time I completely do not know what this industry is doing, every day in the comparison, than their own popularity and fans, less than a fan has that kind of fear, this state has lasted for a year.  Chinese business newspaper: "Super Girl" Zhang Dongling once said you have emotional setbacks, is it true? Hanzhengen: I did see her before, she invited me to her press conference, but I forgot what happened there.  I don't have a reason for that.  Hua Shang Pao: Do you still insist on your own music now? Hanzhengen: Sure, but I never had a chance to do my own album, there was no song on that album that I wanted, and it was completely different from my original idea, so I'm not thinking about the previous album at all.  As for the future, there are so many things that I haven't had time to think about.  Hua Shang Pao: What height do you want to reach yourself? Hanzhengen: People are greedy, development is never-ending, but I do not expect much, I hope that only normal music, but the environment is not allowed.  I just want to give something in return, that's all. About plastic surgery is because I am not satisfied with others like Han Jin really people are attracted by her unique voice, but when the reporter arrived in Shenzhen but learned that Han really want to plastic surgery news.  But for this matter, Hanzhengen said that since she had come back, she wanted to give herself another chance.  Hua Shang Pao: The people who appreciate you are all because of your music, have you ever thought that fans do not want you to go to plastic surgery. Hanzhengen: Yes, but I am such a person who is not in silence and dies in silence, I don't know what the result will be, but I want to do it. People are pressed too low when they will want to bounce, or be crushed, people in this time is also the most blind, sometimes I really want to give up all things, really tired.  But also because someone is concerned about me, I did not all put down, the heart is very contradictory. Chinese merchantsNewspaper: What is your choice of cosmetic surgery now? Hanzhengen: I have been quiet for many days, figured out a lot of things, thought before the master also told me a lot, including psychologists also told me a lot, but I do not fully understand these.  They all said I fancy is not in fact the original intention of music, because I can't put too many things, but I have been saying that I am for music, but I have not too want to understand, probably because of my age, understanding still can not reach it.  China Business Report: Wang Plastic surgery just had an accident, you still willing to do this thing? Hanzhengen: Wang This thing is actually just a coincidence, the circle has undergone plastic surgery too many people.  In fact, she looks good, I think people should not be too greedy, she has been very beautiful, do not pursue these too much.  Wah Shang Pao: Are you dissatisfied with your present self? Hanzhengen: I am not satisfied with myself, others are not satisfied with me. I have considered myself once (pointed home), but that may not be the final thing, I think, since I came back, I want to make myself better, the psychological teacher said to help me regain confidence, I also want to give myself a chance. Shenzhen Internship reporter Zhu Qinqi true quotations This can be said to be so many years I first time in accordance with their own ideas to do things, did not think of good and bad, but with the sex once.  There's nothing wrong with people doing crazy things for a lifetime.  Mixed for such a long time, the circle of our real efforts to the people is too unfair, no matter how hard you try and fight, you get and you pay is never directly proportional.  I thought the game was on a step, but then found nothing.  People are very strange, you want him to like you, they may not pay attention to you, do not want to be concerned about the time, but began to pay attention to. Reporter notes from the bustling to quiet "Han really monk" incident after more than half a month, from the initial blog to the Hainan Monk to cosmetic surgery, a series of things linked up, unavoidably let people doubt the authenticity of the matter.  It was not until yesterday that the reporter saw her that she gradually understood the whole story. Han Jin really experience from the side reflects the current entertainment circle impetuous, how many players from the game "intensive exposure" to the game after the "Nobody", during which they experienced what psychological changes? This huge drop feeling is brutal, because once experienced flourishing, let him return to the starting point without any entanglements, not everyone can do. For Han Jin really, a monk or plastic surgery is a process for her to find herself again. We have no right to accuse her of her decision, but to remind those boys and girls who are keen on draft and famous, that there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of a dream, but enough to bear the brunt of failure and be prepared to return to normal people. Zhu Qin
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