Moonlight Box producer: Playing Warcraft and Plug-ins are the most wonderful days

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Loghost, is "Moonlight Box" creator, Glim, one of the main members of the Working Group, he recalls the production period of Plug-ins, said that it is the most wonderful day in the online game: playing "World of Warcraft" and do plug-ins that time is playing online games the most happy for a period of time. We have a group of partners all day long, a group for the technology of the extraordinary persistent partner. Every day we go to the United States, European uniforms, Korean clothes to play, go to the pioneer prison, the death of the mine, and then is to find plug-ins around the world constantly changing their own interface. The idea of doing plug-ins at first is simple, and it's about trying to be an integrated plug-in for most Chinese players.  Do to do is to become their own collection plug-ins, rewrite Plug-ins, to the end completely their own new write Plug-ins. Loghost and his son National service opened, every day more than 600,000 of the players in the use of our plug-ins, a large number of enthusiastic players to give us advice is enough for us to do a year. More unfortunately, when our entire team was acquired, we all went to do other work content, the Moonlight box is not maintained. I think this will be our team forever regret it. (Edit ss)
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