Mr Tsang calls for a pan-PRD-Hong Kong Enterprise extension

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The chief executive of Hong Kong, Mr Donald Tsang, said at the fifth session of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation and Development Forum Hong Kong will continue to strengthen its co-operation with the Pan-Pearl provinces, while also hoping that the pan-Pearl provinces can facilitate the opening up of mainland markets for Hong Kong enterprises to help them expand the pan-Pearl City, which has more than 400 million people, according to Wen Wei Po, The fifth session of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Cooperation and Development Forum was held in Nanning, Guangxi this morning.  The chief executives from Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Hainan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao SAR made speeches on deepening pan-pearl cooperation and development, jointly discussing the problems of dealing with financial crisis, building Information Cooperation Alliance and speeding up the construction of Pan-pearl transportation network. The "Pearl River Delta Development Planning framework" announced earlier by the State Council has made the Hong Kong-Guangdong-Macao cooperation a national policy.  The chief executive of the HKSAR, Mr Donald Tsang, stressed at the Pan-Pearl Forum this morning the SAR government attaches great importance to the opportunity provided by the platform, especially in the context of the financial crisis, to make good use of the framework provided by the platform, to expand the huge market of 50 million people in the PRD, and then to expand the pan-PRD region with a population of more than 400 million. Hong Kong government 20 billion loans to keep 120,000 jobs Mr Tsang introduced in the face of the financial tsunami, Hong Kong has launched a series of measures to stabilize finance, support enterprises and protect employment, in which the government will provide 100 billion-dollar credit guarantee for enterprises, and more than 10,000 applications have been approved, involving loans exceeding HK $20 billion,  Saved 120,000 jobs. Mr Tsang said that from last year to now, the Hong Kong Government had launched a total of more than HK $87 billion relief measures, accounting for 5.2% of Hong Kong's GDP.  In addition, in order to develop long-term economic opportunities in Hong Kong, the government is studying 6 industries with competitive advantages and potentials, including testing and certification, medical treatment, innovation and technology, cultural creativity, environmental protection and education. Appeal to facilitate simplified vetting and approval procedures, Mr Tsang said under the impact of the tsunami, Hong Kong-funded enterprises are deeply looking forward to the development of mainland China. The Government has introduced a number of measures to encourage and support the upgrading or transfer of enterprises to the Midwest, and to set up a task force with the industry and the Guangdong provincial government, and to organize an economic and trade mission  Sichuan and Guangxi and other Pan-Pearl provinces to undertake the land. Mr Tsang said Hong Kong would continue to strengthen its co-operation with the Pan-Pearl provinces, organise joint events, trade fairs and disseminate information and channels on the local consumer market to help them sell their goods domestically.  He also hoped that the pan-Pearl provinces would study further measures to facilitate the development of domestic sales by Hong Kong-funded enterprises, including streamlining the procedures for setting up shops and quality inspection procedures, and expediting the vetting process. Mr Tsang said Hong Kong's strengths in infrastructure, finance, trade, logistics, tourism and information, together with a sound legal and regulatory framework, a flexible business environment and the facilitation of CEPA, could continue to serve as an important platform for the mainland to "bring in and go out". The Cepa six, signed last month, will not only further support the development of Hong Kong in the areas of financial services, logistics and tourism,It has strengthened Hong Kong's position as an international financial, trade, shipping, logistics and high value-added service centre, and deepened Hong Kong's intermediary role, further promoting the economic development of the whole region and creating a winning win.
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