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Recently operated a website about myopia, some experience want to share with you, explore. Hospital This traditional industry needs meticulous user experience, correct marketing promotion, high Authority, reliability, can play the power, now detailed described as follows:

1, meticulous user experience

The proper collocation of the UI and the UE is important, to the website consultation is the patient, some color collocation does not take seriously will cause the patient to lose the confidence, jumps out the website, therefore the color choice, matches with the color, the user experience the F-Type website information function placement, especially appears especially important. (F-Type Web site is guided by the General People's sight, that is, first look at the top f of a horizontal, and then a short horizontal below, that is, and look from the top to the bottom of the vertical).

2, the pharmaceutical website full display marketing guidance

There are a lot of information on the website, the volume of browsing is very large, but the direct rate of patient conversion is very low, why? is the patient to the site as a medical health information platform, just to check the information, read the walk, also did not want to go through your website to see a doctor; Of course, if you want to make the website information platform is another matter, Here we talk about the hospital marketing platform, we have done a very good content, need to place in the most appropriate customer information to submit the button or 400 free consultation telephone, in order to achieve the goal of guiding patients, such as some good topics below, to place a customer questionnaire, so that customers fill in the patient's characteristics, It can be said that the expert free network initial diagnosis, in fact, in order to obtain customer information.

3, the hospital website Authority display

The hospital website must be placed in the first screen of the hospital's qualification certificate, authoritative pictures, unique medical equipment; Pay attention to the hospital's introduction not too long, must be a few words to call the point; the patient is not much patient to see you long-winded.

4. Interactive

Forums are a great way to show interactivity, can be the content of the forum to extract to the home page, you need to pay attention to not show the latest posts, must be set to Manual, or the first page forum information module will be malicious use, and now many sites will be placed online customer service system, this system is good, and patients can communicate a way , but it should be noted that 80% of the site is the Online Customer Service pop-up window set in the middle of the home page, which greatly affected the patient's reading of the site, some people may ask: "Then our Customer service Pop-up window where?", then I would say: "Have you ever used MSN?" Where does MSN's conversation window bounce out? Have you ever felt uncomfortable and affected your normal reading and use?

5, Website Marketing Promotion

Promotion is a big problem, I found that online article on the hospital marketing will talk about SEO, oh, I want you to see me first article SEO has smelly street, yes, SEO for the site to promote the first is a sharp weapon, can be said to be a small Li knife, but we still have a lot to do the work, For example, our patient library inside the e-mail marketing is not meticulous, there is no according to age, sex, disease categorized by e-mail, patients in the most need of help, if you can receive a thoughtful greeting will be very grateful, so that finally formed an online order. There are too many types of promotion, I will specially open up articles to explain.

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