Nanjing Private Oil station diesel is almost broken for two oil companies to protect themselves

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No, No. No. 0 Diesel! Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of private stations in Nanjing, found that to add No. 0 diesel is still difficult, and Sinopec, PetroChina gas stations, although there is oil can be added, but to line up, not necessarily added.  After a few days of oil price adjustment, car owners reflect the "diesel shortage" has eased, but now it is grim. Ya-Gao bus to row 1 hours before the express continuous attention to the diesel shortage led to the Nanjing part of the Accor bus Shing.  Yesterday, the reporter learned from Accor bus, although compared with the price before the oil shortage, the trouble has been greatly alleviated, but the shadow is still not eliminated, the bus still has to continue to line up, on average 1 hours of queue. Accor Bus Maintenance Chen told reporters that at present, they are still in the archway, the southern suburbs, Manmao Bridge 3 Sinopec's gas station refueling, due to media concerns and the government's coordination, Sinopec Jacobas and other public transport enterprises to ensure that the oil. After the price of oil prices this period of time, bus enterprises to refuel a little eased, but still need to line up to refuel every day. Now buses with diesel fuel will be in line for about 1 hours, no restrictions on bus refueling, and social vehicles to add diesel, at many gas stations have a certain number of restrictions, for example, archway Gas stations can only add 500 yuan diesel.  Chen manager said, now compared with the past, the biggest advantage is no longer broken, Sinopec will promptly contact them, gas station oil to inform them to go to line up to refuel. The two major oil companies can only protect themselves Tim Power Station no No. 0 diesel, Shimonoseki Riverside gas station only to have oil card old customers supply, Lan Yan gas Station no NO. 0 diesel ...  Several private gas station officials told reporters, now from the petrochemical, PetroChina regular channels have been granted less than NO. 0 diesel, while the social refinery supply, but the price is too high, sell a ton of a ton. Tim Force gas station Wang Webmaster said, two or three days before the price adjustment, the gas station has no No. 0 diesel, one is not a regular channel to arrive, and the other is the oil refinery price is too high. "The two major oil companies are not shipped out, if the purchase from the refinery, now 7800 yuan a ton." "Wang Webmaster calculate a sum, the highest retail price of 6.39 yuan/liter corresponding to the wholesale price is 7475 yuan/ton." Zero upside down on the decision of the social gas stations can not be high prices into diesel to sell.  Riverside gas station Wang Webmaster said, after the price adjustment has eased, is not the reason for price adjustment, but the government organized 50,000 tons of diesel oil, these increases after use, and return to more tense situation. "We can only guarantee the supply of our own gas stations, and social gas stations do not guarantee it."  "Sinopec Nanjing Branch of the relevant people said that the current Sinopec to the Nanjing market in the amount of diesel in 2000 tons a day, which is similar to the previous, mainly social gas stations are not available, all squeezed to Sinopec, PetroChina to add, so it appears more tense." Nanjing Diesel Oil Gap 5%-10% Why did the "diesel shortage" still not be alleviated after the price adjustment? Some speculate that the price is not in place, the two companies are still "forced to rise." In this respect, Sinopec Nanjing Branch, a responsible person returnedIt should be said that the shortage of diesel oil, the price is not in place is a factor, more important is the shortage of resources. Now Sinopec's refineries have reached 91% of processing capacity, he said. Under normal circumstances it is 85%-86%, which is basically a high intensity load; but because of the high international oil prices, some local refineries are limited in enthusiasm and unwilling to produce more, "local refineries account for 10%-12% of the market share." "Their capacity shrinkage, directly affecting the market supply, coupled with some energy-consuming enterprises in energy-saving emission reduction after the increase in the spontaneous use of electricity, the fall of agricultural oil increase, etc., the gap between supply and demand is greater." It is estimated that the current market demand in Nanjing compared with the supply gap of 5%-10%.
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