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With the Korean drama "You from the Stars" in the domestic hit, "aliens" has become a hot topic for the people. Do aliens exist? Is there really a connection between the Earth and the alien? It seems that no authoritative expert can give a definitive answer. It is precisely because of the uncertainty of the answer that the "aliens", "UFO" is mysterious but intriguing. March 21, Topic # Aviation Museum Circle # quietly rising, and quickly become one of the hot topics of the day. Topic source from Friends @ Zhang classmate can't sleep in the aviation museum taken a photo. A picture of inexplicable appearance of a blue circular aperture, attracted netizens have been watching hot discussion. A netizen says, "Is this the signal receiver that aliens stay here?" University students photographed mysterious blue aperture to guide the audience hot chat @ Zhang classmate is not sleeping is a student of China Aerospace University, March 21, @ Zhang classmate can't sleep to clean up the photos of the Aviation museum, A picture of the inexplicable blue aperture attracted his attention. In proportion, the blue aperture on the photograph should be about 40 centimeters in diameter and be rendered in regular circles. In the background of the Dark Aviation Museum, the blue light appears to be particularly noticeable. @ Zhang classmate can not sleep immediately to the other photos taken to textual research. It turned out that there were no similar apertures in the same scene. According to the @ Zhang classmate sleep not memory, shooting at that time did not notice similar light-emitting body. @ Zhang classmate can't sleep immediately posted on the micro-blog, "Mysterious Aperture" quickly attracted netizens onlookers. In just a few hours, the number of photos forwarded is as high as 10,000. Users call the circle or for the alien signal to accept the beam Aviation pavilion temporarily not respond to "This blue aperture is really weird, but also appear in the Aviation museum photos, give people the first impression is UFO," online friends @ Shrimp eat big fish comments. Internet users @ Shrimp eat big fish comments on behalf of the vast majority of users of the views and opinions. Some netizens jokingly said, "perhaps the professor came to China while visiting the aviation museum." Some netizens gave a more rational analysis of "shaking hands" and "Light and Shadow Imaging". But according to the @ Zhang classmate can not sleep I said that the photos also have the same angle did not open the photo of the flash, but did not appear the aperture, so light and shadow imaging could be ruled out. And the other part of the picture is clearer, so it will not be "shaking hands". A netizen says, if from the aviation electromechanical product storage condition direction Consideration, this kind of aperture probably is in order to better preserve exhibits equipped with the cutting-edge technology products rather than outer space to object. This can better avoid the mechanical and electrical products storage failure and special product magnetization and so on. In this connection, the reporter contacted the industry personnel, but has not been accurately explained. We also hope that professionals can give a reasonable explanation to uncover the truth of the Aviation Museum circle. Around the world, the mysterious "circle" mysterious "aperture", "circle" seems to have always been with the "aliens" there are countless links, and because of similar problems can not give the exact proof of the explanation, similar situation is quiteBy the "Alien fans" of the pursuit. Similar to the @ Zhang classmate can not sleep to shoot "circle" in the world, are frequently occurring. California's "crop circles", China's Qinghai "Desert Circle" and similar to the Japanese after the "magic beam", have become experts and "Alien fans" hot topic of discussion. According to British media February 16, 2014, photographer Kosming Galestino February 4 photograph shows that a mysterious halo over the Romanian parliament building, which appears to be composed of green and blue two oval, overlapping, entrenched in the top of the parliament building, at first glance, It's the same as the UFO in the movie. The November 7, 2013 News said that a few days ago, in parts of Russia, there is a mysterious glow, this unexplained light phenomenon or luminescence at least in the Alzamai, Kolomna, and other three cities appeared. Scientists are unable to make scientific explanations. According to the Huffington Post January 1, 2014, local time December 29, 2013, a computer-chip crop circle was discovered in the fields of a farm in the state of Salinas, California, USA, and it was mysterious to all, and many came to see its face.
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