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Let's take the time pointer back to a year ago, when the "tick" and "fast" two of taxi software battle is raging. Drivers because of a variety of subsidies desperately pull work, cheap countless like me waiting for a taxi, enjoy the concessions at the same time, you can get on the bus as soon as possible. Now, with the cessation of subsidies, taxis are becoming more difficult. Rainy days, airports, railway stations, cinemas or offices downstairs, countless people holding the mentality of the number, looking forward to the driver's response. Especially those in the rush hour, the distance is not too far, no matter how to send the car information is futile. Then these helpless taxi people have no way? There is a demand for the market, a newer, more stylish way of travel with the homeopathy-"a key call car" short rental rental services. Easy to use the car recently a little "busy", the following love card incarnation consumers, compared to the originator of the car rental software "Uber car" and the local Software "AA Car Rental" services. From Zhongguancun to three Li Tun soho--experience AA Car Rental (a total of 75 yuan) download installation God horse will not need my nonsense, directly from the register. Overall, the AA car registration process is not complicated, but there is a point to note is: Registered mobile phone number must be made through and around themselves, or not receive the verification code. Car rental software is generally the main key to a car rental, AA rental car is no exception. Just press "one key to the car", and choose the model can be, do not fill in their location and other relevant information. Because AA car rental and Gould in the technical field of in-depth cooperation, to set a single place is not to mention. However, the driver in order to avoid accidents, or will be with the passenger telephone communication, so be sure to keep the registration of the mobile phone number is unblocked state. On the issue of checkout, don't worry about finding the money or forgetting your wallet. When you get off the bus you will receive a short coupon for a rental car with detailed billing calculations and prices. Complete online trading without fear of being slaughtered. Application experience: Although the AA car rental is the main service, but I still want to say: really very sweet. The driver has a uniform costume and must wear gloves when driving. After the car may be upgraded, you can rest on the bus to play mobile phones, do not worry about the flow and power problems. Although in the automotive media, but for a long time did not enjoy such services. 2Uber Car Rental Three Li Tun Soho to West Tu subway station-experience Uber car rental (a total of 92 yuan) Uber car rental clients with a dark gray-oriented tone, simple interface atmosphere, it can be said that Europe and the United States fan full. After registration for convenience to pay, and Alipay or credit card binding, the overall operation is not complicated. Uber car is divided into the people, UberX, Uber black three types, about the car needs to be the small circle below to dial to the corresponding position. Because of the need for filming, I decided to choose the highest end of Uber black. Although the mobile phone show is 14 minutes, but I have been waiting for about 20 minutes, but also in the scope of acceptance. But the car location is not my original reservation, in the driver master moreAfter trying to find me, we decided to switch to a more iconic place nearby and then get on the bus. Again in the car, only a mobile phone charging line, and mineral water, WiFi, and so it is not difficult to see the difference. When I took the camera to take a picture, was also asked whether the driver is the uber manufacturer, and then is a bursts of low pressure. Uber car rental is also online transactions, whether Alipay or credit card is very convenient. Application experience: About Uber car rental, expect to have, disappointment also has. Because the first experience of the AA car rental services, may have some preconceived feelings, but also to Uber rental industry, a brother has more expectations, so the whole ride experience some small disappointment. Regardless of the driver's attitude, waiting time, as well as the details of the car configuration is difficult to say satisfactory. Comparison of AA car rental and uber rental (5 points) Project AA rental score Uber scoring interface design 45 wait time 43 car equipped with 51 service attitude 53 Price 43 Love Card Car Network tabulation Car Rental is a short rental car industry leader, but in China this market is somewhat acclimatized. The reason is that in China there is always a "Church Apprentice starving Master" characteristics, Uber launched the luxury car service, AA followed by Tesla, and the new media is "a pioneer in advance, three steps ahead of the martyrs" tradition, Uber specializing in quality of life and comfortable traffic experience, followed by other car rental software more detailed and attentive service. What are the trends and future of many car rental software? But one thing is for sure, no matter how they fight, the benefit will be consumers, just like the "tick" and "quick" battles of a year ago, to enjoy the fruits of continual improvement. (Love card car)
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