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The latest survey shows that the investment Confidence Index (88), compared to the fourth quarter of 2008, residents in the first quarter of the next three months of the overall investment Confidence Index (111) has a significant increase in investment will also tend to increase investment, the two index changes show that the Chinese residents of the overall investment market gradually recover positive attitude. China Merchants Securities Co., Ltd. and the world renowned Nielsen market research company jointly released the first quarter of 2009 report on investment confidence and investment will of Chinese urban residents, and was implemented by Nielsen, in various regions of the country collected 1391 online access samples, collected time for March 16, 2009 April 5.  The confidence index represents the residents ' optimism about the investment products of the next three months, and the willingness index represents the extent to which the residents may invest in the next three months, and the two indices range from 0 to 200,100 to represent a neutral level.  Contrary to the growing confidence in investment-type products, with continued interest rate cuts, confidence in savings earnings in the first quarter of 2009 was significantly lower than in the fourth quarter of 2008 (the confidence index was 108, down 24), and the willingness to increase savings also declined (the intention index was 128, down 16). First, real estate investment in real estate, compared with the fourth quarter of 2008, the residents ' confidence in the overall promotion (the national average rose 11 points), more residents want to overweight property.  According to the data published by the China Bureau of Statistics, sales of commercial housing in the country grew 8.2%. In the core cities of several regions of the country, Beijing residents of the real estate optimism growth fastest, confidence index and will index a significant increase (confidence index rose 29 points, will index up 11 points), from the statistics, Beijing's commercial housing sales area year-on-year growth of up to 81.1%, far higher than the national average;  Residents of Chengdu have strong confidence in real estate because of the central government's continued infrastructure investment after the quake, while residents in the south, Guangzhou and Shenzhen remain on the sidelines. Second, the stock market with the recovery (the first quarter of 2009 than the fourth quarter of 2008 rose by about 15%), all surveyed city residents of the stock investment confidence in general significantly increased (the average confidence index rose to 59 points), of which Chengdu has the highest confidence in stocks, the highest increase in Shanghai.  The city's average will index is 121, a bigger boost from last year, suggesting more residents will increase their investment in equities over the next three months. Third, the bond market compared to last year also has a significant increase (confidence index 126, up 27 points), and will also have a corresponding increase (will index 123, up 14 points).  From the core cities, Beijing has the strongest confidence, while Shanghai is relatively weak, although the degree of confidence in different cities, but from the core cities will reflect the tendency to increase capital investment. The fund market, the core city investment confidence has a certain rise (average confidenceIndex: 111). With the gradual recovery of the stock market, Chinese residents have increased confidence in the Fund and a positive attitude towards the fund's earnings, but the fund's appetite for investment has grown less than the stock (equities 121, Fund 113).  The willingness of Shenzhen residents to increase their funds is strongest in the core cities. Bank Financial Products Banking products, the residents of the bank's financial products, investment confidence and investment will remain at a considerable level.  Shanghai has a slightly lower confidence in the investment banking products, but its investment will is the highest in the core cities, and Chengdu's willingness to invest is also relatively high.  Six, investment-type insurance core cities have a positive attitude towards investment-type insurance, but Shanghai's investment confidence index and willingness index fell to 85 and 100 respectively. Gold in the expectation of long-term inflation, gold is considered a stable value and can avoid depreciation of the investment, the international gold price from October 24, 2008 to 693 dollars/ounces rose to March 19 of 957 dollars/ounces. Gold's investment confidence and willingness to invest are among the highest in all types of products, especially in Beijing and Guangzhou, where investment will increase to 135 and 132.
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