NI first response to divorce: No love will change the dead branches

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NI first response to Marriage (1/6) to be able to participate in the Singapore Shadow Sinks, ni cost a great deal of effort, only to win a few days. She brought five sets of clothes, and the first day the beige dress appeared on the red carpet, and the next day the khaki skirt showed a woman's taste, and when the event was over, she took a hat and went for a trip;  Perhaps a rare outing makes her feel relaxed, yesterday, NI received an interview with the Morning News reporter, the first response to the divorce 7 years ago, said the feelings, the deep understanding of marriage.  Talk about feelings: I laugh not proud of the Lake Reporter: Immediately attend Sun Chao Wedding, will teach them some marriage? NI: No one can teach the emotions. Marriage, love, there is no reason, nor any value can be measured.  As long as they can be happy, good, and I think, they are both actors, can come together is not easy, the circle of people are gathered less and more, they must cherish more, stronger.  Journalist: Not so long ago, someone turned your divorce back years back, what was it like? NI: I remember, Chen Yao divorce when give me a call, I also said to her that you want to laugh, but their turn to their time, I really laugh not proud of the lake. After all, marriage is not only two of people, but also involves the elderly, children a lot of things, families need a lot of affordability. That period of time I was very uncomfortable, I call Chen Yao, said things did not happen to me, I can say so easy, but to my body, really difficult. This kind of thing always makes people feel a bit shameful, also let me have a lot of ideas that have never been produced before. At that time, a lot of friends to call me, including Chen Yao during that period also has been calling me, she has been an experienced identity has been helping me, I really feel particularly touched. I also sometimes with their ridicule, said I have recently been in the publicity, a friend said several times in the spring and autumn, I said that I must in the wind and rain in the rapids. Although very afflictive, but still want to use the way of ridicule to let this thing slowly pass. Many people around me did not mention this matter, that moment also suddenly let me cherish a lot of things, all of a sudden to the people around me very attached.  Fortunately this thing soon passed, the media are also very cherish me, in fact, I this person looks very careless, in fact, the heart is very fragile, the media to my love also let me feel that I am very lucky, also very touched.  [Page] Ni and daughter (2/6) Reporter: The recent popular "no longer believe in love" words, you still believe in love? NI: I very much believe in love, very much believe in happiness, even if hurt.  This time, "painting wall" aunt that role, the biggest problem is not believe in love, the last hand into a dead branch, with love, Flesh and blood, women still need emotion, need love.  Talk about the role: "The Queen" needs to cooperate with reporters: more and more to attend a lot of red carpet, how to see fashion? NI: I went to Hong Kong some time ago to shoot "the strongest Happy event", Huang said Take me to eat, said you change clothes, I said IJust wear this. He took me there and tried to introduce him, saying it was a famous actor. Then he whispered to me that you were dressed like an assistant. I am a very fussy person in my life, but for example now in Singapore, I am not only myself, but also Chinese actors. I also do not deliberately pursue, find suitable for their own, I wear a very confident, on the line.  If I can wear this kind of fashionable clothes, perhaps the director thinks I still can play the fashionable role, but also many opportunities!  Reporter: How will promise in "picture wall" play aunt, a "Chinese" type role. NI: I was in the comedy, and a lot of the directors were looking for me, and they were all part of the comedy. I'm really grateful to the director for making me this "queen" role this time. Originally see "The Painted Skin", it feels very aura, suddenly Chen Jia on the director to find me to film "painting Wall", I feel a kind of fate, before on TV, see him, feel like I saw sitting outside the TV. At that time, we met at the Kunlun Hotel, he told me the film, although not how to understand, but I and the director promised, said I would like to play, very happy to work with the director.  [Page] Ni and daughter (3/6 Zhang) Reporter: The filming hard? NI: I am a TV show, let me make a film, not hard. However, the role of my aunt is really a big challenge to me, I am more easy-going actor, "the Wulin" although the ancient costume, but the performance is very casual. This time, "painting wall" is completely different, it should be a kind of drama, and the audience to maintain a little distance, like "Hamlet" feeling. Sometimes I feel that my voice at the scene is not like my own hair.  I repeatedly pondered, this queen's feeling, is not I a person's feeling, still has to be opposite party's reaction, remembers has a scene, I very lightly said "someone is sad", brushes the kneeling ground, this kind of feeling comes out.  Reporter: Will again play comedy, play TV? NI: If I can do a comedy, I can make the audience happy. I'm not going to be a comedian, I'm going to do a TV show, but if I can make a movie now, it's a lucky thing. I feel, I am still more suitable for the TV series, I also from the TV play up. 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