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Under the grand High-speed rail blueprint catalytic, China Southern Vehicle Co., Ltd. (601766.SH,01766.HK, hereinafter called China Southern Vehicle) and China North Vehicle Co., Ltd. (601299), the country's largest two rail transit equipment manufacturing company. SH, hereinafter referred to as China North car) on the one hand, the "giant Cake" is intended to fight for food, and on the other hand, the two market positioning of highly coincident enterprises are still facing the possibility of a vicious competition situation.  This allowed the state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (hereinafter referred to as SASAC) to feel the pressure to integrate the central government.  Under the circumstances, the "merger" plan, which has not been mentioned since the two companies have defected to the capital markets, has again been pushed to the forefront.  China South car quickly rumors of merger rumors after the media reports only one day, China Southern car will quickly respond. January 5, China Southern Car in its official website issued a brief statement, said: "China South Car did not discuss and study the integration of North-South vehicles, recently media released north-South vehicle integration Rumors, after verifying this message and the South car has nothing to do." We regret and clarify the spread of this information. "and 6th this reporter contacted China North car side of a senior asked this matter, he also said:" These two Tianquan is to ask this matter, I can say is at present at the company level certainly did not publish such news, as to where the rumors I do not know. "This is not the first time that two companies have been rumored to have merged.  As early as 2003, SASAC will adjust the size of the central enterprises to 100 within the time, the news came out. The incident was again turned out before the 2008 China Southern car market.  Sasac then intended to integrate the central enterprises according to the sales revenue rankings, when the South Car group and the North Vehicle group, which were very much behind, were widely believed to be in a great position to restructure.  But also because of this, the Southern Car group and the North Car group began secretly exerting force, not only actively introduce foreign-owned rail equipment manufacturers to carry out technical and manufacturing cooperation in many aspects, but also seek to fight in the capital market a seat space.  Finally, China Southern car in August 2008 to achieve A+h shares listed, has become 16 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, distributed in 10 provinces and cities nationwide.  And China's north car also in the end of 2009 through the IPO way to land a-share market, and clearly its fund-raising mainly to "high-speed EMU, high-power electric power and internal combustion engine technology to introduce the assimilation and absorption of innovative domestic technical reform" and other projects.  Two companies listed successively, as well as the state to invest heavily in railway infrastructure, the Ministry of Railways planned the world's largest national high-speed railway network, so that the two companies in recent years, the rapid development of the "merger" of the sound gradually quietly. The reorganization also has "the administrative strength", according to the SASAC Integration Central Enterprise's goal and the thought, these two companies are still very likely to merge. A person close to the SASAC said in an interview with this reporter, "but there are a lot of problems involved, such as monopoly, capital market level operation." "From two companiesIn response to the merger rumours, in fact, the attitude is very ambiguous, just that we did not say so, the subtext can be: if you want to really have this thing, what all say.  An industry analyst, who declined to be named, smiled at the reporter.  Two companies with unusual similarities in business positioning, whether in the domestic or international markets, are very obvious competition, the reporter at the end of last year, "The World High Iron Conference" Pavilion noted that China Southern car and China North car in the scene displayed on the locomotive product display has shown a lot of similar characteristics.  And the top leaders of two companies in many occasions on the company's vision of the goal of the statement is also a trend of confrontation. "One of the benefits of the merger is that it can be combined to open up overseas markets so that China's rail transit manufacturing companies can get more overseas orders." "But" customers and some suppliers are certainly not acceptable, because "you can talk to the two at the same time, for greater interests, and now you have merged, it is not what you decide?"  A senior practitioner of the rail transport industry told our correspondent.  This may also be the main reason why the national Development and Reform Commission, in the name of a monopoly, opposes the merger.  However, it is noteworthy that the two major leading enterprises in the aviation industry in China and China Second airlines before the merger of the state and China South car and China North car quite similar, and the merger process is also experienced a rumor-denied-quietly start restructuring-merger such a process. "In the process of restructuring the central government, it is the executive power, not the market or other factors that play a decisive role." "So it may be difficult to look at it now, but in the end it will be done quickly," said the analyst who approached Sasac.  In 2000, the South Vehicle group and the North Vehicle group, which was built on the basis of China railway locomotive and rolling Stock Industry Corporation under the Ministry of Railways, are the two major integrated rail transportation equipment manufacturing enterprises, and two enterprises occupy more than 95% of China's market share. At present, the South car in the high-speed train manufacturing, the winning rate is higher, with a greater advantage than the North car, while the north car in urban rail transport Binan car has more share. The future of the two major groups will focus on the bus and locomotive areas.
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