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Count oneself to learn PHP also has more than a year of time, around a lot of people also joined in the study of PHP. They asked me to learn the method and experience of PHP, I will not answer 1:30. And why? PHP learning is easy to get started, of course, relative to other programming languages. Like Java, Getting started is more difficult. PHP and. NET learning difficulty is almost the same, perhaps the introduction of PHP is also easier, even some people around me can not look at PHP, they are easier to choose to learn C + +, Java and. NET, and so on, remember a year ago I have not learned PHP.

Learning PHP is also a coincidence, because at first I went to the school library to borrow the Web page front desk books. After studying for a while, many people on the internet said that optical front desk has no meaning. So I went to the library to borrow books about backstage, is in the library to choose a book is to see a "detailed PHP", I do not even want to have a fancy to this book, roughly read a bit, very thick a book, think the author is very fine, borrowed. Now this book is still in my hands! hehe, like the library this book on 3, I borrowed a book here, a loan is more than 1 years, from the beginning of learning to now has been here. Looked over several times, the back of the CMS system has also been studied, I this blog Love Program Network is also learning the last side of the CMS after the one I do, the code is written by themselves. However, a validation code class and a paging class are borrowed.

All right, it's all over the top. We are officially on the subject. Many of the online PHP novice asked: How to learn PHP, and how to quickly learn PHP and so on. This kind of problem on the internet there are a lot of beginners to ask, the answer is also a lot of people. But it seems to be all the same, say the foundation is very important. Oh, this everyone must know that the foundation is very important! I split their ideas here, talking about my learning methods for PHP and sharing some of my experience in learning PHP. In fact, these methods can be used in all programming language learning.

The basics are important, but what new PHP beginners know about the basics? For example, variables are widely used in PHP, we define a variable, and then we can use that variable in a program. The basic part of PHP is about defining a PHP variable and initializing a certain value for that variable. However, in our PHP project development, it is very rare to initialize a certain value when a variable is defined. Usually the value of a variable is not the input value obtained from the user is the value obtained from the database, the value of the variable is not determined, but always changed. Not only is the variable in PHP this case, there are many.

My advice is: PHP Beginners Learn the basics of PHP as long as the general understanding of the line, do not thoroughly understand the basics of PHP. So when are you going to delve into the basics of PHP? When we get started. That is, we will use PHP to develop a complete Web site. You will find that the basic knowledge of PHP is very important in our project and which is not so often used. This time you complete several complete projects, then your knowledge of PHP basics will be clearer. Which modules of PHP are essential to our project, we devote time to mastering that piece. You like PHP session control, we have based on cookies and sessions, the first time you learn the basics of PHP you will be able to take these two carefully in-depth, but, in fact, we just understand one of the PHP session control on the OK! Like member login, shopping cart you will do.

It is my recommendation to develop a complete project using PHP first, and then delve into each module of the basic knowledge of PHP.

How can PHP get started quickly? My advice is to watch PHP learn video. There are a lot of PHP videos online. I remember that when I first started learning PHP, I saw the video of the lamp brother, the teacher, and said that I would like to say thank you to miss Gao, thanks to the video tutorials of the Lamp brothers, and thank them for their selfless devotion. Believe that in reading this article you also have high teacher's video, although speaking is the basis, but when you go back to develop a complete project, then look at the time you will find that this is the part of the important foundation. How to develop a complete PHP Web site? I suggest that you look at the western PHP Zhao Boshi Brother's tutorial, he has to teach you to develop a complete CMS system, although not very strong, but at the beginning can make it enough!

All right! Actually learning PHP There is no fixed way to learn programming language this thing is more programming, only you personally write the program, and then look at its running results, you can more easily remember that method. More experience sharing I will also be in my blog Love program to share with you. I do not like to copy on the Internet, paste what other people write, but I will carefully read the code of others to understand their thoughts and then I put their own views in a more easy to understand the language to share to everyone! Oh, what else to share the people concerned about my site! Share and communicate with each other. Finally, I wish you all the way to learn PHP in the narrow. Original address: Copyright to love the original author of the program NET, reproduced please keep.

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