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As there is no independent or team to develop more formal experience of the site, I love the travel site in the development of this can be said to be "stones", many things are learning while doing, in the actual production only to find out the original plan unreasonable, had to modify the plan. Of course in the production of this website I also learned a lot of things.

During the mid-term examination, we objected to the use of the framework by the teacher, and thought that the scroll bar was not conducive to aesthetics and requested modification. I thought there were three ways to modify it: 1. Make all the navigation files using ASP's linked files, the navigation link to the corresponding location; 2. Modify the appropriate code, beautify the border; 3. Without frames, each page is a complete page. Since I have always objected to the conversion of a static page suffix to ASP, if for navigation and so do me, I do not think it necessary, so the first exclusion, and landscaping box code has never been found. In the end, I chose the most simple third option, which also makes the site's late revisions seem cumbersome.

I have been working on the forum and made a very simple forum after I finished the page template. In the development of the forum I realized that the basic function of the forum is not complex, the database needs only users, columns, posts and several tables, and then through the code to query, judge, display, update and other operations. But this is only the basic function of the forum, and the online forum there are many functions, to improve those features I feel powerless. Finally through the group of collective discussion, we decided to give up their own development forum ideas, using the Bbsxp forum, as the forum for our website.

After I started thinking about blogging, I tried out almost all the web-based Chinese blog programs that I could find on the web. I like Zblog, but it is only a single user's blog program, does not meet the requirements. Finally I chose a powerful oblog. We make simple changes to Zblog and bbsxp, combine the data of the two together, and combine the pages made by other team members to complete the production of the whole website.

Through this production site m process, I personally have the following points of experience:

1. In the development of Web site planning is very important, a good plan can detail the relevant content of the site, members of the Division of labor for later production to save a lot of time. The progress of the team development seems to be always slower than the actual, in the preparation of the plan should be fully prepared.

2. Team cooperation in the development of the Web site team members of the collaboration is a difficult, uneven level of the team, the distribution should be detailed description of the details of each corner, or there may be unexpected problems.

3. The production of the site can not covet the side, the ultimate effect of what it looks like, then at the beginning to do so, or I will often appear unexpected problems.

4. The network is a very large space for learning, in fact many of the problems can be found on the above, to learn to use it.

5. Can not rely too much on the Web page of the production tool, if the Dreamweaver always open the Design view, even if the site did not learn anything. The most important is the code, I learned to read code, write code.


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