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Recently, I have been helping to do the friendship link, of course, also by the way to see some of the local site. Exchange also really found some problems, of course, some of the problems are calculated SEO, and some of the problems are overall planning, these problems seem to be small, but if more appear, the impact on the site is really not small, here I will see some of the problems I have recorded, I hope that the local station friends pay attention to these details of the problem.

The details of the impact of the weight of the site

As far as I can see the situation is the local webmaster to the details of the neglect, many people are sensitive to the links, the requirements are relatively high, this is a good thing. But often overlooked is another important place for local websites: business advertising, in fact, for the local webmaster, how to profit has been a discussion, and the current more common is the forum and portal business Picture ads, forum procedures (such as DZ) also have such a four-grid plug-in, but also the local site used more. The problem is here, a lot of webmasters do not take into account this kind of picture ads linked to the problem, the merchant has its own web site requirements add a link directly in the above added a hyperlink, which will affect the weight of the site transfer, is equal to do n a single chain export links.

How to solve this problem, in fact, is also very simple, you can make a link through JS, the general writing and JS writing can refer to the following:

<a target= "_blank" href= "http://www.jy5.com" > Jieyang net General jump </a> This is commonly used, can pass the weight <a href= "#" onclick= " window.location.href= ' http://www.jy5.com ' "> Jieyang net JS jump </a>

This is JS, does not pass the weight

Some people will say, directly to the link to add a nofollow tag, tell the spider under the line, at present, Google is better, Baidu response nofollow too slow, and some search engines do not support nofollow tags, which means that nofollow is still passing weights.

In addition, the Merchant's advertising link is not to pass the weight (in fact, the merchant does not understand this), they want to add links is the hope that through the link, users can reach their website to learn more, and JS to meet this demand, so with what kind of business is the same, but for the webmaster, there is no need to spread the weight out ( It's like adding a single chain to someone else.

Ignoring this problem on the local Web site, in addition to the advertising position of the merchant, there is also an important place is the convenience of inquiries, now many local stations in order to facilitate the user, added a number of convenient inquiries, and the query used links are exported links, here is also more output, here can also be used to the writing of JS, to avoid the weight of the problem. Of course, I just recommend that you only need to consider the user's export with JS, in the location of links, do not do so, friendship links are not just links, but friendship must be real.

Second, do not let the image ads affect the grade of the site

This question is still a problem for me tonight in a local site Operation Group, a friend asked me to help look at his website, and then I also used Tencent Weibo @gxc923 talked about this problem, the friend appeared problem I believe not a two stationmaster appeared, so also borrow this article to mention.

Do webmaster very hard, especially for personal webmaster, if really want to run a local webmaster is not so easy, unless you are pure collection of garbage station. A lot of webmaster for how to profit and distressed, in order to be able to earn some money, sometimes will be, advertising also on the homepage, such as satellite pot. This can really bring you a little bit of revenue, but in the long run it obviously has an impact.

Some small ads to reduce the level of the site, especially the kind of rough pictures, for visitors, feel very uncomfortable, uncomfortable environment will affect the mood of visitors, in the first visit, this discomfort will play a fatal injury. This is the same as people, familiar with the comprehensive consideration of you, but in the case of ignorance must be "judge by appearances." And for businesses, this injury is there, no car 4S store will put ads to the market door, not to say that the markets did not buy a car consumer groups, just people have to eat, and no one day meals are eating out. Why not put the market, because such a drop will affect a brand. The same reason, if you work hard to negotiate cooperation with merchants, brand merchants see are some small ads, will feel bad even doubt you a website group consumption ability and grade, the result is natural and know.

When it comes to the grade of the website, I suggest that the webmaster should endure it, the early days would rather free brand to add ads, it looks like a different feeling, with the business negotiations, businessmen see other brands of business advertising, especially his competitors advertising, I think he will not feel the same, even will contribute to a cooperation.

The above two points is the Jieyang network Exchange links see more and I personally think it is worth mentioning the question, would like to local webmaster site more and more good, but also welcome you and I exchange local station operation and network marketing experience, this article by the Jieyang Network (www.jy5.com) submission of the first A5, reproduced please indicate the source.

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