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For stationmaster, search engine is the important source of website traffic, even the webmaster laugh called the website "the Food and clothing parents", the visible search engine in the website development and the success occupies the position is how important. As a new website, in the beginning of the stage will be from all aspects of the search engine to the site's "goodwill", that is, improve the site on its friendliness, so as to obtain a higher weight, conducive to the promotion of rankings, including, as the saying goes: "Good start is half the success." "For the new site, the first opportunity is the best and fairest, once the search engine here to get a good weight for subsequent development will be able to enter a relatively stable period." And for a certain time of the site, how to maintain and improve the site already have weights or rankings, you need another specific countermeasures.

And in the beginning of the Web site just enter the development, Stationmaster faces is a "white paper", now do everything will have a direct and profound impact on the long-term development of the site, so must grasp the site at the beginning of the online period of the search engine optimization opportunities, to achieve a "good beginning." Combined with the search engine on the site evaluation system, the webmaster only need to master the following four strokes, they can make a new site to become a search engine favorite site.

First recruit: Choose the mature procedure to set up a website, obtain "innate advantage".

At present, the program to do the station is very many, to the webmaster choice is quite extensive, but in the PHP language and ASP language has been written in the program has formed a different leader, such as the representative of the PHP forum DZ and phpwind,asp blog Program z-blog,php Blog program WordPress, etc. These various areas of the program to do the main technology development has been relatively mature, the program itself is less loopholes, even if there are loopholes in the official release of the patch, so that webmaster do station more peace of mind. In particular, in the process of SEO optimization, these larger program providers have done a good job in this regard, making the program in the optimization has done a full set, you can let the webmaster set up the key words and so on, each optimization is considered very thoughtful. Therefore, when doing the station to choose these mature procedures to set up a website, is tantamount to making the site in search engine optimization with "congenital advantage", for the follow-up optimization work has a more adequate choice.

Second recruit: Use high-quality content "feed" search engine spider.

The meaning of search engines is to find the information they want for the Internet users, which is different from the quality of the search engine evaluation technology, ranked according to its evaluation criteria, and then the results of these rankings to the Internet users. As a result, search engines crawl the content of the site, the most favorite than those users are searching for what they want to know, and currently on the Internet is very small repetition rate of fresh content, such content to help users have a more fresh role. That's why search engines are so fond of original content, therefore, in the construction and maintenance of the site, especially after the new site online, to use the original content to "feed" the search engine spider, so that it can be on the site every day to crawl to fresh original content, so that often come to the Web site to crawl content habit. This allows the quality of the content to attract the search engine, and then let the site in its evaluation system to get high score.

The third recruit: the use of high-quality outside the chain to allow search engines to improve the ranking of the site.

According to the search engine's judgment system and method, facing a website to judge its rank and the weight height, another important index is this website has the outside chain situation. Like people, a website has more outside chains, and the quality of these outside the chain will be more conducive to improving the site's own rankings, because the site has "friends" are in the search engine evaluation system has a good reputation of the site, so this is more conducive to the promotion of the site's own rankings. Understand this principle, the webmaster in doing the station on the one hand to maintain the quality of the site, improve the relevant technical indicators of the site, on the other hand is to continue to go out, actively looking for similar sites in high-quality sites, through the exchange of links, in similar topics in the Forum published soft and outside the chain Even the purchase of high-quality outside the chain of methods to obtain more high-quality outside the chain, so that the search engine to the site to play a high score, to help improve the weight of the site, ranking and included in the situation.

Part Four: Build and optimize internal links, and attach importance to the small details of Sitemap.

Internal links to the Web site are important for optimizing the search engine experience, because these chains can give the first site search engine spider to "guide" the role of a good chain can allow spiders to crawl more content, thereby increasing the number of crawls and probability, for the site included a good help role. In addition, to improve the search engine friendliness, the site's good internal links can make spiders crawl a wider and deeper, to improve the content of the site to crawl the number, improve the weight of the site has a helping role. At the same time, we should pay attention to the use of some small tools in the Web site, such as site map, robot tools, can be enhanced search engine friendliness, to search engine guidance, better understanding of the site, to make its spiders better crawl and crawl site content purposes. Comprehensive above four points, webmaster in doing the station in the process to do this, you can build a favorite site to sell search engines, and then promote the weight of the site, rankings, included and PR value of the increase. This article by the SEO software original start, reprint please retain the source of copyright.

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