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Almost all have a common feeling that Web site optimization is getting harder. This has a competitive environment, after all, under the guidance of search engine pay promotion, a lot of small and medium-sized companies pay more and more attention to website promotion. Web site optimization, which cost less and has a lasting effect, is certainly warmly welcomed. On the other hand, search engines are constantly changing the algorithm constantly improve their own, so that natural rankings become more reflective of the value of the site, more fair and impartial. But one thing we have to pay attention to is that the link to the site rankings now seems to be in trouble. First the major blog began to block, and then donews writing community also announced that will be severely punished to optimize and advertising for the purpose of soft wen, and even the webmaster enthusiastic A5 chat also slowly issued a ban on keyword links. is the website optimization really to the end of the line? I think that the dilemma is not a terrible transformation of ideas is the key.

First, the conversion concept link construction with quality to win

Although the search engine constantly emphasizes that the quality of the site depends on the content of the site itself, and its way of judging the quality of the site is also a comprehensive consideration, the link is only a very small element. But site operators don't seem to buy it, and the number of links soaring has been a bit crazy. Facts also support which links the number of amazing sites, and eventually get a good site rankings. This has encouraged the website construction and the website optimizes the personnel to construct the link the determination, the author has observed Shanghai's one network company, its link quantity is short one months from 2000 to more than 30,000. And no matter where these links come from, but the whole phenomenon we can perceive how important the past links are.

All of a sudden stopped, last July or August, some of the site construction and site operators found that a lot of only one thousand or two thousand or even hundreds of links to the site rankings slowly rise, this is fulfilling the search engine a paper statement it? To be sure, search engines have or are changing the way the weight of the site is judged. It is at this time, the site links seem to be in a dilemma, the major blog forums and some information portals have made different degrees of restrictions on the link. This time, if we still are the past thinking, dream of link construction to win the words, I am afraid it is not workable. In addition to the quantity, the quality of the link has been highly valued by search engines, so why don't we build some high quality links?

Second, expand the field of vision link construction borrowing

Good wind borrow power on nine days, ring drum Heavy hammer Saint farther! To do anything to borrow force and bucking the result is obviously different. When all link construction seems to have no way to go, website construction and website operators have fallen into confusion, the main webmaster class information Web site as always open door. The author is A5 webmaster network fans, but also intermittent its contribution hundreds of, found that adhere to the submission can not only expand the thinking, and constantly experience and improve themselves. There is also a benefit, the site's links with the number of contributions to climb the way the hurricane. To know that these links all come from the article is forwarded, the link authenticity and universality is incomparable to other ways, and the link is natural true is also the search engine to determine the weight of one of the important considerations.

Link building borrowing power and for the way is far more than hard to contribute, the author also noted that some webmaster types of well-known blogs often new content a release, will be an instant to be widely browsed, some with the URL of the message or with the keyword anchor text signature on the ground. In fact, this is also a kind of borrowing behavior, well-known blog attention and the weight of the site relatively high, through the message to establish a connection to the benefits of more than these. Similar emulation also has the forum signature, each thread will produce one keyword link, many forum also is willing to accumulate the sentiment through this way. It is definitely a new way to expand the link construction, and how to do it waits for the interested person to explore the field of vision attentively.

Third, the appropriate input link construction another odd path

Link building is relatively easy but getting high-quality links is difficult. This is also a lot of site construction and site operators continue to work, but the site rankings have been no reason for the improvement. Search engine How to ignore the link factor, high-quality links are always the best way to enhance the weight of the site. I think that when most of the link way into trouble, look forward to building a more ideal link, we must learn the appropriate investment and proper pay. Most stationmaster adopts the way is the exchange link, this kind of benefit everybody takes each other, the link quality weight is relatively high, but does not raise the website the rank fundamentally.

There is also a pay link, now almost every webmaster tools and webmaster information sites have such ads. The biggest advantage of paid links is linking one-way import and are basically high weight of some links, so some use paid links to the site, the site rankings have produced good results. This link is in the ointment of the need for sustained investment, and as the search engine intervention effect is not as great as before. The author also found that by the A5 Webmaster Network of the first soft text link (A5 soft text link URL: http://e.admin5.com) is being more site operators to use, its unique one input but the effect of lasting characteristics, for the promotion of site weight is a good choice. But this kind of link most builds up in the website article inside, only through a certain quantity and certain time insist the investment effect will be significant.

Difficulties are always relative, no matter at any time someone will be difficult to turn into opportunities! Link building in trouble is every site operators have to face, many Web site developers are helpless to face difficulties, some of the intentions of those who find more opportunities. Because competitors in the competition are caught in the deadlock of the idea of link building, if we can change the way of thinking to find appropriate ways and means, will undoubtedly add a more than and win the chips. Shanghai website Construction Preferred brand pilotage technology (http://www.joyweb.net.cn) need to draw attention to, although the link is important and let us try to find ways, but the real decision site quality and weight is still the content of the site, MO neglected one and the obsession.

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