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Do optimization We all use 8 words summed up, of course, I said here is not how to do the original how to send out the chain, you have to do the outstanding to do fine, people should be diligent, so the details appear particularly important, the following analysis of the picture in the site optimization in the details of processing.

First, use the background map skillfully, the URL more accurate;

This is mainly reflected in the News list page, I see a lot of websites in the news list title Front has a point, this point is still a lot of different, such as some stations are used · (Middle point, Sogou Input method, V1 choice G, is this), is in front of each news add a middle point. I think it is not, add this point, the URL into a point + title, the title of the second detail page does not have this point, such a point is pure waste not only share the weight and may also bring side effects (such as: fraud. So how to solve it? Very simple, as long as the point to do a picture, and then in the CSS to add a background picture of such URLs, as to how to write is not here to teach, so although the trouble point but the effect is very obvious.

Second, logo pictures;

Logo image Most of the site will let it link to the home page, at this time in order to optimize the keyword to play a greater effect, many people will alt inserted keywords, and IE in ALT will be compiled into the title property, so the user experience will become worse. My approach is, alt insert keyword, title in write xxx net home.

Third, hang technical support;

Many network companies hang this technical support when it is very tangled, such as hanging on the XXX site construction of this hyperlink, although can play a keyword optimization, but this is obviously not formal, the brand benefits. This is similar to the above, insert the image of XX network, alt labeled XX website construction, title of the successful XX network. Here in addition to talk about the practice of this will not be mistaken for the search engine fraud (ALT, title inconsistency). If I were a user, I pointed to the picture to see what the title is I know the role of the picture, it is obvious that I will not go to the right to see the source code to see the ALT attribute, the same, as the spider is the same, he looked at Alt also will not see title, such trouble with the user is similar.

Four, the article inserts the picture;

I believe we all know that the search engine can not recognize the image, the identification of the basic by ALT, that is, we have an article in the appropriate insertion of the picture, for the search engine is an original article, and the picture interpolation good user experience will improve, because the picture is concise and clear.

Text Zhangmingrui original share, reprint please retain http://www.whmzt.com, in fact, now to portal submission is quite tangled, each accurate search title can always come out 2~300 results, go out and the home page, about 150 reprint, after the point opened in addition to a few collected, Other manual transfer of the copyright is almost zero, then you write http://www.whmzt.com original, XXXX reprint, such a small text for you also have no loss, also played the effect of the chain, original hard ah don't spray.

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