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From contact with the internet to now have nearly ten years, I believe it is high net age, but ashamed to say that every day online in addition to chatting QQ and playing games, or watching movies, listening to music ..., basically every time the Internet is doing the same thing.

Of course, the word for the site is certainly not a stranger, every day to go online to enter many such sites, browsing the pages of many directions. But it seems so ignorant to make websites. For example, a variety of web software, do graphics, various languages, code and so on.

Finally in learning to understand a little basic knowledge, take the courage to do a website of their own. Recently, the word blog is very hot on the Internet. It is said that the blog is email,qq and so on the first X network communication methods, many people now have their own style blog. This deeply attracted my interest, so, I chose the blog, began to do their own small blog-micro-book!

Before this, on the A5 and other name stations, read some of the relevant articles about the website and some senior old webmaster's experience and suggestions and so deep feelings. I was curious to make money for the website before I saw it. However, after efforts to learn and explore, this thought of their own thinking to be corrected, so also found their own blog direction, which is not really a secret, my direction is to follow their own interests to go, micro-book is my interest. And I want to use my interest for more netizens to create convenience and happiness. I believe that there are a lot of webmaster read my article will not be happy, and maybe even some will scold me (perhaps my little people thought ha), but I firmly own the belief, I just put my own ideas to say. And I will stick to my interest-the micro-book well, it can be said to keep up with my own interests. In this I borrowed from the language of a Netizen "blog uphold the freedom of the spirit of personal website, but the synthesis of the new model to stimulate creativity, so that it more open and constructive." To embody the existence of individuals in the network world, to publicize the social value of individuals, expand their knowledge horizons, and establish their own communication groups. "I think this is very abstruse but very reasonable and easy to understand, everyone's personality is different, hobbies are different, because I think the blog this character for me, so I chose the blog!"

One night before a week, I began to make my own blog, although the substance of the content is still very few, there are not a few people to visit, but I am trying to improve, in study hard, in an effort to my own goal to go forward. My character determines that I will not deliberately to care about PR, traffic, I believe I do a good job, friends who have come to like, those things will naturally go up, and can not be deliberately to request. In spite of this, in fact, the heart will still care about these, because only they will bring me the amount of visits, will make more friends know the micro-book, so like the micro-book. But even if I specifically to ask is no good way to ha! So sincerely hope that senior friends give a lot of advice and suggestions. I really learn from you!

Morning on the A5 to see a webmaster friend of the article talked about ' successful website = full content (60%) + diligent webmaster (30%) + luck (10%) ', I think it seems quite reasonable, I think the blog is the same, the first need to have substance, content is the subject. Micro-book content is too little too little, it seems I have to hurry up to update the main body to be ready to consider other things, no subject, friends came to the micro-book believe will not like!

I am a new person, said some of their own feelings, if there is a wrong place also please senior webmaster to correct, if there is a place of improper language also please friends forgive!

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