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BEIJING VIP Building Hotel 9 floor of the small conference room, the CPPCC members, the Chairman of the board of Sinopec Xu Zhiming with a smile. "Now the State also encourages enterprises including private enterprises to go out and expand overseas energy resources, I think it is very necessary." "The Hong Kong tycoon, who has" the first overseas oil ", looks bleak," but it is impossible to get it now, because these sovereign states are now legislating to hold their own companies. " "Because of this, Xu Zhiming, who owns 6 oil fields overseas, is undoubtedly a lucky man, and he himself attributed it to the early philanthropy."  A little bit of a meal and a sip of saliva, the almost-known Hong Kong Justices of the peace began to take their nuggets through one by one of ways ...  The glorious cause is connected to Annan Xu Zhiming, Sinopec, Madagascar oil fields, these things are linked by oil, behind them, there is a key person: UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.  In fact, it was all unintentional. As the first and second vice president of the China Guangcai Association, and the only vice president from Hong Kong and Macao, Xu Zhiming donated the first donation to China's Guangcai cause, and donated more than 400 million Hong Kong dollars to social welfare and poverty alleviation and education in more than 10 years.  In the limestone mountainous area of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, known as the "Golden Triangle", he donated 28 million of the Qingxin County to the bottom of the mountain, and invested 180 million to build a comprehensive poverty alleviation project to resettle immigrant workers and create a glorious immigrant village. "This project has won the national affirmation, has been appraised as the outstanding poverty alleviation project by the United Nations, and has been evaluated as the most direct and the most effective poverty alleviation model."  Xu Zhiming said the then United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan wanted to promote the world and put forward the hope that the GUANGCAI program would participate in helping the poor in Africa. In Annan's hometown of Ghana, Xu Zhiming donated to poverty alleviation in roads and schools, and met President Ravalomanana of Madagascar under Annan's introduction. "When the president of Madagascar was on a state visit, Annan arranged for us to meet in Hong Kong when we were talking about poverty alleviation projects in Africa, and I didn't think of oil at all." Xu Zhiming recalls.  One months after meeting in Hong Kong, he visited the world's fourth-largest island country and soon identified several pro-poor investment development projects that opened up tobacco and cassava plantations. A Chinese and horse country's economic revitalization of Malaysia's trip really let Xu Zhiming was shocked. "At that time, the most direct feeling is that local financing conditions and high costs, the highest interest rate of 30%, the equivalent of usury, the state issued bonds are given to the banks, the majority of the civil service wages by the state to the bank issued bonds, the economic environment is very bad." Xu Zhiming immediately advised Madagascar's president that the bank must be reformed to revive the country's economy. "I said to mark (ie Ravalomanana) that your finances were kidnapped by the banks and that the Government was working for the banks, which restricted the country's economic development and hidden huge financial risks." "Xu Zhiming proposed to buy banks, to the Malaysian business sector to create a reasonable financing channel." "At that time they had only motor plusNebraska ICBC a commercial bank, I put forward the holding, he immediately and central Bank President meeting, the next day answer can. It was the first time that a foreign-owned bank had appeared in Madagascar, and I saw the president's determination to reform the economy. "Through two additional capital expansion shares, Xu Zhiming to obtain the bank's 87% equity."  On his first day as chairman of the board, he announced that the bank's lending rate had been lowered from 25% to 15%, then down to 12%, after the Xu Zhiming cut, the other 4 foreign banks followed suit, and Madagascar's high interest rate for 17 years began to change. Since then, Xu Zhiming also invested in a number of projects conducive to improving the living standards of local people, there is a poor nature, but also a certain profit. For example, the combination of agricultural land use, the scale of the development of the group's economy, the introduction of the cassava varieties in Guangxi, the improvement of a plant yield up to 60 kg, and the original production of 10 kg. "I also asked Professor Yuan Longping's Research institute to analyze the soil climate in Madagascar and to cultivate the rice varieties suitable for them, increasing production by 27% last year and reaching more than 40% this year." "Many moves let Xu Zhiming in Malaysian almost nobody knows."  The President, who has established brotherly feelings with Xu Zhiming, has appointed him as the Honorary consul of the Malay State in Hong Kong. From 2003 to this year, Madagascar has an average annual economic growth rate of 5.3% per cent, a high growth rate in Africa, and the ability to export rice not only to meet its needs. "Over the past few years, I have issued a visa to Madagascar has 80,000, the local Chinese currently has 300,000, daily necessities 80% is Chinese goods." "Madagascar is very welcome to invest in Chinese companies," Xu Zhiming said. "At present, Wisco in the local mineral resources investment projects, the local sugar factory, cement plant and many are also Chinese investment."  "The acquisition of oil fields Malaysian Congress unanimously passed the original intention of benefiting the local people to invest in poverty alleviation projects, Xu Zhiming also did not think that greater business opportunities subsequently emerged." As a pioneer in the excavation of "black Gold", Esso eventually withdrew from Madagascar in the late 80.  Since the beginning of this century, oil giants such as Esso and Exxon Mobil have been eyeing Madagascar again as international crude oil prices have climbed. "The locals tell me that the world's leading oil companies, such as Esso, Exxon Mobil and India, are on the land and are negotiating with the government to buy oil projects."  With good contacts, Xu Zhiming decisively bought a total of 50,000 square kilometers, the area is larger than Taiwan's four oil blocks. It is worth mentioning that, due to Xu Zhiming's reputation in the Malaysian, in the Malaysian congressional review of the oil field takeover case, all members of Congress, including the opposition, unanimously voted in favour of the vote. "There is no opposition or abstention, and other oil companies have never received unanimous support from members of Congress." "Despite the high risk and high returns that have been invested in oil field projects, Xu Zhiming is confident." Due to the low level of local production, the port tonnage is very small, only one national road, even if the Esso in the 80 's has been out of oil, the cost of transport, has been much higher than at that time openedInternational cost price. Xu Zhiming Frankly, he bought a few oil blocks is Shi think the greater grasp, so willing to try. "More than 10 years ago, Anglo-American oil companies have been operating in these blocks, but also to explore the accumulation of more than 10,000 square kilometers of geological data and dozen oil wells have been drilled, so I am confident." "In 2006, African Union member countries ' legislation imposed restrictions on foreign investors and now requires sovereign companies to hold 51%, and I have 100% in 2004." "The content of the AU legislation is also an international practice," he said with some sense, "but the African legislation is late, so it seems that it would be much better to go out earlier."  "To inject more oil into listed companies, in addition to the 4 oilfields in Malaysian, Xu Zhiming individuals have invested overseas in coal mines and oilfields in Indonesia, oil blocks and nickel deposits in Papua New Guinea and iron ore and other areas." "In the future, it is difficult to buy new projects overseas, we are not likely to acquire new energy projects in the future, because the price is higher, the state control is very strict, the threshold and cost is too high for private enterprises."  Xu Zhiming said more capital operations would be carried out in the future, putting these projects into public companies.  At present, the main assets of Sinopec are 2 oil fields in Madagascar, more than 20,000 square kilometers, and the value of net assets is 16.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, which is a professional assessment concluded by the internationally renowned Texas Professional Oil Assessment Agency, which is a conservative estimate of not less than 270 million tonnes of oil reserves in 3113 oilfields alone. Xu Zhiming said he hopes to work with more specialized oil companies. Last October, the country's fourth-largest oil company extended oil to formally establish investments in Madagascar's oilfields. "I have approached almost every major foreign oil company, including the extension of oil, after 3 years. Recently with the Taiwan oil also talked about, it is only by our own power to run a large oil field, it is unrealistic and impossible, we must seek professional oil companies to cooperate. "This edition: Li Yunan joined the GUANGCAI career to meet former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan, and to contribute to the road and school poverty Alleviation in the Annan hometown of Ghana." President Ravalomanana visited the world's fourth largest island, identified the development of tobacco and cassava plantations to develop poverty-poor nature of investment projects to control the Madagascar ICBC To change Madagascar's 17-year high interest rate on the combination of agricultural land use, the introduction of Guangxi cassava, please Yuan Longping's research institute to cultivate rice varieties suitable for horse country total area of 50,000 square kilometers, larger than Taiwan's Malaysian four oil blocks Xu Zhiming was born in Guangdong in 1964. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the China Union Petrochemical International Co., Ltd., Honorary Consul of the Republic of Madagascar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Madagascar, Madagascar Petroleum International Limited, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Guangcai Association, the Standing Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hong Kong JP, The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce Changdong, Hong Kong InternationalThe President of the General Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Central African Private chamber. Has won the United Nations "to promote human Peace Progress Award", China's "Top ten national Champion", the Russian Academy of Sciences "Luo Meng Idrissov gold medal", Hong Kong "Golden Bauhinia Star" and other honors. It is still the only Chinese who has a stake in 100% oil fields overseas.
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