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This is one of my students about SEO training experience, write very popular, but feeling full, today to see her space to see this log, feel good to write to take over to let everyone see, in fact, is mainly written I this teacher is very good, haha!

I learned from school seniors there are some SEO knowledge, website optimization has been very interested, but the school did not have such a course, the Internet to download information self-study some SEO knowledge, but feel not too system, would like to participate in an SEO training courses to learn. Just one day on the Internet to search for information when you see the Network Marketing Management college played a 300 Yuan Institute website design plus optimization promotion slogan, at first still feel the Arabian Nights, and then online and college customer service Chat, understand that this course has opened a good few issues, the students feedback is very good, short time, quick, knowledge-rich, The content is reasonable is the word which the student feedback mentions most. This strengthened my determination to study.

After a 10-day course, I made a summary of my study.

This 10 days of SEO training I learned a lot of knowledge. In general, these include the following:

1. CMS Server configuration and installation (IIS server configuration and security)

2. CMS system configuration (Web Admin)

3, CMS rapid construction Station (column design and development)

4, based on SEO dynamic website construction (how to let visitors find your site in Baidu)

5, CMS system label (CMS language composition)

6, CMS template design (front style design)

7, CMS content collection (Fast steal target site content)

8, based on the SEO site editor (how to let the article in Baidu was people search)

9, website Publishing (domain name + space + source)

It is a one-month course, but only the weekend to go to class, specific to now have a class, in fact, before studying, I hesitated for a long time, finally decided, because they have never been exposed to this knowledge, afraid of learning things and wasted. You know, when I went to that class on my first day, suddenly feel that their choice is right, although it is the first contact, but feel that knowledge is not particularly difficult to understand, but it is not very accessible, because those code 8630.html "> sometimes will make you dizzy, at this time really do not want to learn to feel, that's too much trouble, Change to go, still not necessarily change right, really worry ah! However, for us not to give up because of this, we must adhere to and strive to learn, the effect will be seen.

In fact, learning here gives me the biggest feeling is, here to learn, if still learn not, that is really no way, because since school so many years, I have not met this kind of teaching, almost a teacher one-on-one teaching, so I really did not see, I am not here exaggerated said, that is my personal experience. There is, you will not be able to ask, perhaps sometimes for the teacher that is a very simple question, but the teacher is not because of this and a slight, they are still carefully explained to you, until you have learned, understand, that is the fact.

Now we have a class, although there is not a long time, but so go, really very reluctant, every weekend are accustomed to go there to class, suddenly do not go, good habits ah! Really want to there ah, the teachers there, they are very good (no matter what the special good, their knowledge is particularly rich, very admire them). To be honest, I really miss them.

Today, very happy, because I do that site has its own domain name, although there are many deficiencies, but also very happy, because this is the one months to their own small results.

URL for

This is just a beginner's achievement, from the beginning of the Web site is not Greek to now build a complete website, I am very satisfied with their achievements, the rest is based on their own knowledge of the SEO training to optimize the site, in the later time, I will still work hard to make their own better site to show to everyone!

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