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Today (April 7) is my first class of SEO training in webmaster net (, this is my first time SEO training course, unavoidably some nervous, just I hard of hearing a lecture recording, found himself in the speech of lack of ability, even Putonghua is not standard, anyway, I want to be worthy of the students, so I will continue to strive to improve their ability to teach, the things I know without reservation to tell you. After each Class I will also give myself a summary, the first chapter of the course did not talk about some technical theory and knowledge points of things, mainly chatting about the current search engine and SEO industry status and some problems.

In fact, when I was preparing my lessons, I thought about what I was going to say, and also feel will not finish 1.5 hours, who knows to talk about 40 minutes to finish, the first talk may be a little nervous, some details of things do not think thoughtful, speak not smooth, the classroom atmosphere is also a shortcoming of passion, this is I need to improve. Here I also give you talk about the current SEO industry status and career development bar:

Since 2002, SEO began to enter the country slowly, after so many years of development, the whole industry has gradually matured, especially in these two years is completely blowout-type development, leading to the current industry a bit of confusion, in fact, this is also any emerging industry growth must be the process, are starting from the incubation, slowly grow, To adulthood will appear this confusion, and then will face a new shuffle, the entire network marketing line will also have a serious polarization. This in my "on the development of the SEO perspective" is also mentioned in the article, we can combine to see.

So, this is our status quo, and then we discuss SEO career development, people do not be what I said above scare, SEO is a very promising industry, we have to adapt to its development and constantly learn new knowledge, can not be eliminated by the market, but all of this must be in the grasp of the foundation, the core of the premise, Any technology, or ideas, how it develops, its core will not change. So SEO career development line is what? This is actually similar to marketing, the first is the need for enterprises, and then we meet his needs, such as an enterprise to see the trend of the Internet and its own business situation, the need to expand the market from the network, then he will need relevant network marketing talent, We will take the establishment of an enterprise to a certain scale to give examples of detailed description:

The first case: Small business, or a start-up, there is no capital capacity, the need to expand the network market, then he needs an SEO commissioner, to help him responsible for the optimization of the company's website promotion, this case the SEO Commissioner has mastered a certain site optimization skills, but also to understand the product characteristics of enterprises, to make reasonable network promotion planning.

The second situation: now, the enterprise through the SEO to make a certain effect and get a good profit, then the company to expand the scale of the market to further develop, an SEO Commissioner has not met the current needs, then need to form a SEO team, This team is responsible for the company's multiple site SEO optimization work, at this time will use the form of division of Employment, someone responsible for editing, someone responsible for the chain, and so on, the original SEO commissioner is a team leader, he must be master of all the following SEO skills, and then the team reasonable distribution work. And to slowly jump out of the technical aspects of SEO, focus on thinking and strategy.

The third situation: the Enterprise has developed to a good scale, at this time is not a simple need to search the site for SEO keyword ranking, but the need for brand expansion, the original SEO team will be reorganized into a dedicated network marketing department, the following branch of the editorial department, Technology, promotion Department, etc. The team leader is the network Marketing department head or director, he has completely jumped out of the SEO, from a macro point of view of the entire network marketing, now need to do is to build the company's brand website, and set up a series of implementation plans.

Why from SEO to talk about network marketing went up, I want to let you know is the internet marketing is SEO (of course, you Converse Network marketing is definitely not the SEO), but also is always the most cost-effective network marketing a way, and ultimately tend to the overall network marketing. For enterprises, profit is the goal, network marketing is the means, SEO is the method. Of course, there may be some students think, anyway, Seo eventually turned to network marketing, I would rather direct to learn network marketing. I'm here to share, why do you think Robin Li can succeed, first put aside the circumstances of the situation, he relies on the two core, one is his own patented search technology, and one thing is his thinking, first he from learning technology and infiltration research technology, and then jump out of the technology layer, Stand on the periphery to look at the whole market environment and target audience in a more stereoscopic manner, just as we said above. If he does not have this core technology, can the idea of light be successful, obviously not, if only the technology has no thought also can not succeed. Of course, if you are a contractor, there are people, that is another thing, the actual operation of things do not need to do their own. But many contractors are also from plasterer.

This is my current status of the SEO industry and SEO practitioners of the professional development of some views, I hope to work with you in this industry to discuss with friends.

Finally, thanks to A5 can give me this opportunity to exercise, I will do my best to improve their level, and help more people to join in the study of SEO. If my course interested students can find me or to Webmaster Network forum posts, you can contact Hadron QQ 886128 to participate in our SEO training registration.

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