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This year, the new agricultural and urban residents of the health care subsidy standard increased to 200 yuan per person per year, the policy range of hospitalization costs to reach 70% of the newspaper reporter Baijian "past to the hospital, each time is their own first Xianchan, the end of the invoice reimbursement." Now brush medical Pauka especially convenient, take more than 100 yuan of medicine, oneself only dig more than 10 yuan of money, doctor medical treatment more ' emboldened '!  "Dongba, a retired worker who lives in Chaoyang district, Beijing, said with emotion. From this year onwards, as long as the people holding the Beijing medical insurance card, whether outpatient or hospitalization, can be immediately settled.  At present, Beijing has issued 8.15 million health insurance card, 1779 medical institutions to achieve the "one card." This is a microcosm of China's deepening health reform benefits people's livelihood.  During the Eleven-Five-year period, the number of people who participated in the National health insurance, urban residents ' health insurance and new rural cooperative medical care was 1.26 billion, and the basic medical security system was fully covered. China is a large agricultural population. The continuous improvement of the security level of the new agricultural and rural system has laid a foundation for farmers to get rid of the poverty caused by disease and return to poverty. 2010, the National new agricultural and rural per capita fund-raising amounted to 155 yuan. More than 60% of the areas to implement outpatient reimbursement, hospitalization costs to increase the maximum payment limit to the national average farmers per capita income of about 6 times times. Nearly 90% of the integrated areas to achieve county-level medical institutions in the hospital medical expenses instant statement, more than half of the co-ordination area to achieve with the extraterritorial designated medical institutions direct settlement. This means that the masses of medical reimbursement will become more convenient, the masses of "advance", "errands", "queuing" and other issues will be eased.  More than 1/3 of the counties (cities and districts) have carried out the reform of payment methods, such as pay by head, pay according to the disease and the total amount prepaid, which has played an important role in improving the quality of medical service, standardizing diagnosis and treatment and reducing expenses.  This year, the government to the new agricultural and urban residents of the health care subsidy standards from the previous year's annual 120 yuan per person to increase to 200 yuan, urban residents of health care, new agricultural and policy coverage of hospitalization costs to reach about 70%. Our country has also promulgated the policy of raising the level of medical insurance for the major diseases of the rural children, and the pilot area of Anhui, Jiangxi and Hunan has been extended to the whole province, the proportion of rural children leukemia and congenital heart disease is over 70%, and the families eligible for the medical assistance can receive a 20% subsidy.
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