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The success of Facebook in countries like the United States does not mean that his model applies to countries or nations around the world, that there are too many differences between China and Western countries, thinking habits, historical humanities, economic development and so on. So I don't think the Facebook model will be successful in China, at least not as successful as it is in America. For our domestic SNS, has been in a very confused stage. Because at the beginning we are copy abroad, the current typical successful case is the school. Some time ago read a book written by an engineer on Facebook, probably meaning "China has a website called the campus, even the page design CSS and Facebook is the same" irony.

The most important reason is that it is not in line with the internet habits of Chinese netizens.

1 The majority of Chinese netizens are still in the Forum BBS application era

Forum has become the representative application of China's web2.0 model, regardless of all walks of life, all kinds of people, all kinds of topics, have their own forum, Discuz and other Free forum program is to promote the development of our forum, the use of our netizens have been very much affected. I see a lot of domestic SNS sites, netizens in the use of the time or more as a forum to use, the Group/Circle topic as the focus, the release of posts hope and more people to follow up discussion, and neglected the SNS "human relationship as the" core. Such SNS site is difficult to play its own strengths, so the difficulty of attracting and retaining people is very large, it is likely that the end of these netizens will return to the forum, to continue his habit of network behavior. These netizens will think that the forum can satisfy SNS to provide the service, and they are more accustomed to the forum model, like to see their posts were scolded, like to enter the page after a glance of the topic list, they will think that the forum can exchange, make friends, publish activities, map and watch video. So SNS just become a pure trend, we try to give up after the use of the forum, it is easy to get tired of SNS, the time has been slowly unknowingly give up.

2 Chinese netizens are not good at or are not accustomed to creating content

We can see that in addition to individual sites, a lot of domestic SNS sites in the UGC do not good, there is no quality content exists, full screen scrolling more just some personal dynamic or webgame information, which in my opinion is actually worthless. The quality of the content is not meant to refer to a lengthy classical original, but refers to all users create their own content, not too high number of words and quality requirements, as long as they write, content is likely to represent his SNS such groups of people in common, it may cause resonance. So when you enter a SNS website, see is Zhang and Doe become friends, Harry give Zhao Liu a punch and other information, you still interested to continue? Happy NET is this aspect a typical example, his success throws open the marketing aspect, lies in the user can simply use the mouse point to be possible to participate in the website, At the same time with their friends to communicate, become webgame and social very successful combination. Such type of Web site in foreign countries is difficult to succeed, he is in compliance with the domestic netizens are not good at creating content of the use of habits, using webgame to do tools to connect people and people. But I think it is difficult to retain users for a long time, and his success is hard to replicate. In addition, watercress also belongs to the case, we put him on the SNS website to discuss (because the North does not agree with such classification), he did a good job in this area, ah North also said, like books/music/Movies Such a crowd, more like to write things, like to share. This should belong to the domestic netizens are very good at creating content that part of the crowd. Perhaps definable internet people also like to create content, I did not dare to talk nonsense, but if so, 5Gme will have great potential.

3 Chinese netizens are not accustomed to maintain their relationship on the network

SNS Web site is based on the relationship between the social network, which is the root of the site, Facebook success is that he started in colleges and universities to meet the needs of students, and then expand the user base to white-collar or even other people. Now that Americans cannot live without Facebook, and even Barack Obama's campaign to use him, explains the importance of the site in the minds of Americans and relies on him, which has become a tool for people to keep old friends and new acquaintances. The need for the Chinese to rely on the Internet for people to interact (or rely on social networking sites) has not yet reached that level in the United States, this is not to deny the Internet users of our network social needs, but first we are not so dependent, and secondly, even if we communicate online more still use IM. Here in the country there is the exception of the net, from the number of users and visits to see the network in China has been very good, students are very dependent on the Internet platform, when they graduated with each other after graduation is difficult to a large range of parties. The campus network provides a platform for the typical needs of such a large population, but I personally think it is very difficult for people to cite other examples at home. Here also to say the happy net mentioned above, it is difficult to know now that his rage is because the relationship between the webgame, or webgame driven the relationship between people. I personally believe that without these games, white-collar workers will not be on this site to maintain their own various relationships.

The article starts in my blog, this article topic is very big, I also knew oneself to know very little, see the question very superficial, but some feelings really wanted to write out, looks forward to everybody's criticism to correct!

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