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Domestic SEO:

At present I see a lot of Seos are said in 01 years or even Jiuqi year contact SEO. I do not have research, to say that I contact the process of SEO.

1. Do not know the concept of SEO, but know the choice of keywords

I have applied for international domain name to start website in 03 years. At that time, Baidu's search box is very popular, almost every individual webmaster in China will hang Baidu's search box. I was no exception, but in the middle of this I found a word "Please enter the keyword", see Figure I. It was speculated that he should have a large number of searches. There was no Baidu index at that time, unable to inquire how many. Found that the secret is not much, I had no difficulty in the first line, a steady day to thousands of people. Then Baidu seems to have found the secret, the search box no longer contains the word.

Figure I

Another word is similar, it is hao123 the default search box contains the word "Please enter the keyword" (figure II), "Here Enter the search," "Here Enter the keyword." Hao123 before the search box by default is also "Please enter the keyword", but in July 03 the search box by default to change the word to figure two. After several changes. At last the black Apple seemed to have discovered the secret, and left the search box blank in a facelift at the end of 03. I also tasted the sweetness in the two words, daily easy to earn more than 5000IP, then 5000IP than now 5000IP can be more valuable.

Figure II

2. From Tong write things gradually know SEO

A lot of people don't like Tong, I don't know why. Personally feel that he has played an indelible role in the cause of Chinese SEO. In his tutorial I know the concept of SEO, with the basis of learning faster. Let yourself many sites have been ranked top of the search engine rankings. One of the first successful cases was in 03, in November, there was an industry noun. I have been ranked first in Baidu and Google search. Google is the first place so far, but has been neglected to maintain.

Foreign SEO:

From some of the information I learned, foreign SEO theory is 98-99 really emerge, and search engine is developed together. But 97 years ago, when search engines were not widely known, there were many ways to make search engines more like them.

At that time there was a Yahoo directory (just learn to sit on the site, my site also submitted to it). Manual audit, you only need to login to the Yahoo directory your station, they will be audited in 3 days after the collection of your site, Yahoo directory classification is in alphabetical order of the site, "A" the beginning of the site in the "B" front of the site. And a site with B, such as Animation Blast, is ranked in front of a site with C, such as Animation consultants.

Many web site-building in order to be able to in the rankings more forward, their site is named with a, this should be the first foreign SEO.

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