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Absrtact: Beijing once again enters the haze disaster weather, the air purification related intelligent hardware also becomes the new attention hot spot. A while ago, I visited a start-up company in Wangjing, Beijing, climbing rattan technology, a not very visible start-up team, is being hit by the

of the investment circle


Beijing once again enters the haze disaster weather, the air purification related intelligent hardware also becomes the new attention hot spot.

A while ago, I visited a Beijing wangjing start-up company, climbing Rattan technology, a not very visible start-up team, is being sought after by the creation circle, because it in the air evolution products of the ecology, has a core product-detection module.

In simple terms, climbing rattan technology is mainly to provide PM2.5 and formaldehyde test modules. For example, Haier's air box, ink air fruit, inside the key sensor device is the PM2.5 detection module, the use of laser detection components, accurate calculation of the amount of particulate matter in the air.

Climbing Rattan Technology founder Zhou Zhibin, I in the traditional industrial environment testing enterprises for many years, it is interesting that he himself is a "very can play" geek, and I also play the role of CTO, the core product development, many of its early "play out".

(Zhou Zhibin DIY light control switch and Environment Monitor integrated controller)

Now the air testing products generally higher prices, such as air fruit to 999 yuan, Haier's aldehyde know formaldehyde tester to 599 yuan, mainly limited to module cost, the test of formaldehyde in the electrochemical sensor module price is about 200 yuan, the same, the use of laser technology to measure the PM2.5 module price is also higher.

In the office of founder Zhou Zhibin, I saw his demo, and the monitoring results were very small compared to the US-made professional PM2.5 equipment TSI, which cost about 50,000 yuan. As shown in the following figure, TSI shows 106, and the "hammer" monitor of the vine shows the results as 117.




From the product direction, climbing rattan products are more oriented to the enterprise market, provided to the air Evolution device manufacturers, industrial applications and so on. At the same time, try some personalized products, such as the previous one they have launched a portable formaldehyde tester.

It is understood that the vine now got Angel round millions of investment, next, will launch a 99-yuan level of personal environmental monitoring products.

(Monitoring of the formaldehyde of climbing vine "egg")

If you refer to the development path of the intelligent hand ring, PM2.5 and formaldehyde detection products are still in the early stages of development, whether the product or module maturity in the critical period, but soon, with the maturity of the module, the price will be pulled to the popular price, 99 yuan will be a standard.

Like the WiFi modules in smart routes, the PM2.5/formaldehyde monitoring module will be a key part of the environment's smart hardware, and domestic start-ups like Ivy will continue to be concerned.

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