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Pomegranate algorithm Online, we should learn how to eat pomegranate

Hello, everyone. I'm a Hou Wenwu. A few days ago I wanted to write an article about the pomegranate algorithm, but sometimes some of the things on hand more results delayed! Today I take time to probably say I personally through the pomegranate algorithm some small sentiment!

First I want to say is Baidu's pomegranate algorithm key points;

Next is the Baidu Pomegranate algorithm on-line after the movement trend;

The last is how we should eat and digest the pomegranate!

First of all, the pomegranate algorithm, the initial focus on the type of page, this is not a secret: the initial will be for: contains a large number of users to prevent the normal browsing of the bad Ads page, especially to pop a large number of low quality pop-up ads, confusing the content of the main page of the 17828.html ">

Let me tell you about the effect of pomegranate.

Broad-spectrum antimicrobial, convergence, astringent bowel, insecticide pest, hemostasis, eyesight

Push it together. Hou Wenwu that Baidu Pomegranate algorithm on the line immediately after a series of actions, most likely and pomegranate the efficacy of the match, and through the effect of pomegranate to clear the Internet lesions!

Now push it together. Hou Wenwu to share with you the future action trend of pomegranate algorithm:

First: "Spectrum antibacterial" is also the initial stage will be: Contains a lot of users to prevent the normal browsing of the bad Ads page, especially with a large number of low quality pop-up ads, confusing the content of the main page of the Spam Ads page for the representative.

From the current Internet environment to a large number of low quality pop-up ads, bad ads and the main content of the spam Ads page to users of the normal browsing experience website information caused serious marketing. This strength algorithm preliminary to these contain a large number of geological ads, spam pages of the attack, the idea of low quality ads, no pop-up ads page will be improved!

This embodies the pomegranate algorithm on the internet garbage, geological advertising bacteria resistance, for not contaminated by bacteria or less pollution of the page to give a good promotion!

This should be one of the effects of pomegranate "spectral antibacterial" it!

Second: "Convergence, astringent bowel" is one of my speculations, a large number of collection, plagiarism and so-called false original cut meaningless page!

I think we all know the site, the original things better, but because of the search engine for the original judgment and there are great drawbacks, there are a lot of small webmaster hard to write the article by other high weight site directly copied reproduced, search engine instead think the latter is original! It is precisely because of this there is a large number of collection, Plagiarism and false original site, and manufacturing in addition to a lot of meaningless pages! Baidu search engine for the original judgment has been constantly improving! In that is the new 360 search developed rapidly, if at this point, the 360 leading research out is bound to hit other search engines very much, Even for Baidu is a fatal blow! So I believe that in the pomegranate this is definitely to develop! Although there is no big change at the moment, but here I advise to do the station of the small webmaster, do a good job station. Do not challenge the search engine! and hope that the search engine to super and collection of false original site to give a certain blow to enhance the enthusiasm of the major webmaster!

This is also one of the effects of pomegranate "convergence, astringent bowel."

Third: "Insect repellent" for this effect I want to say is the search engine a large number of worthless template pages and page content;

There are many Web sites exist in order to increase the number of pages using templates and Web page generators to survive a pile of garbage worthless pages, there is a lot of web pages appear in the picture 90% text Station 10% of the worthless page.

Some people will say, want to Tencent, Sohu, Sina will have a lot of worthless pages! I would like to say that our site is not and Tencent, Sina, Sohu and other large sites to compare. There is no comparable!

In the future pomegranate for some of the use of a large number of worthless template pages and no value page to get the site rankings and sites included in the site will certainly have some punitive measures!

Search engine on these pages will definitely expel and kill! This is the pomegranate "insect repellent" bar.

Four: "Stop bleeding, eyesight" for this function Hou Wenwu think, for vigorously repetitive content, and automatic response page to a blow.

This kind of problem mainly appears in the Forum and the blog, at present some altar friends always copy some articles to copy to go! For example, from the A5 copy to push it together, and then copied to push a copy to 28 push and so on, which caused the duplication of the page.


In this Hou's opinion, high quality content is kingly, suggested that the Forum authority not through the number of postings to achieve, mainly the quality of the release content, and other ways. For example: answer questions, thematic integration and other ways. There is the Forum management personnel monitoring efforts! This will make a lot less repeat pages on the internet!

Then the blog and the Forum automatically reply, blog automatic reply is blogger asked the brush blog popularity, installed automatic reply plug-ins. Although in the blog and the forum looks very lively, but this kind of plug-in reply content is originally custom-made, high repeatability, for the search engine is very unfriendly, and the guidance of a large number of garbage duplicate information! These content will certainly receive the search engine's attention and promotes some punitive measures!

This should be pomegranate's "stop bleeding, eyesight" effect of the

All right, the effect of Pomegranate said, the following Hou Wenwu once used to tell you how we eat and digestion of pomegranate;

How do we eat and digest this pomegranate?

First of all, we probably already understand the effect of pomegranate, and through these effects may create a clean Internet environment for us! And this pomegranate has now let a lot of people bitterly, bedroom difficult to Ann! So Hou Wenwu that we just put an end to the above Hou Wenwu said these points, we are not afraid to eat this pomegranate.

All know pomegranate is a good thing, but may not be suitable for anyone to eat! So in the pomegranate arrived today we, first to purify itself, and by eating this pomegranate, absorbing this pomegranate to make itself more clean and eye-catching! Use the nutrition of pomegranate to perfect oneself! This is the King!

Have purified their friends dare to eat pomegranate friend will stand out!

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