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Everbright Securities tension Janrip listed in the same industry company, the main business is more single-minded, almost do not involve other than veterinary drugs other businesses, we believe that the major professional, can let the company will be limited funds, manpower, material resources, etc. to focus on the field of veterinary drugs, this can be seen from the company's technical advantages Swiss bio for the domestic veterinary drug industry two "National Enterprise Technology Center" one.  The company has to fill the international blank 3 of scientific and technological achievements, of which 2 for the company's original innovation, to fill the gap in the domestic scientific and technological achievements 11, for the industry's technological progress made a greater contribution. The fund-raising projects are divided into two types: one is the product expansion project and the other is the research and Development Center construction project. Reporting period, the company production and marketing of veterinary biological products, capacity utilization at a higher level, of which 2009 live vaccine capacity utilization rate of 98.16%, inactivated vaccine capacity utilization rate of 82.63%. With the further growth of market demand, the company's veterinary biological products face a greater capacity bottlenecks, the expansion of the project will effectively solve capacity bottlenecks. The expansion also involved 8 new species, rich in product resources.  The Research and Development Center project will enhance the company's research and development capabilities. We estimate that the EPS for 2010-2012 is 1.30 yuan, 1.75 and 2.35 yuan, respectively, after the issuance of the equity dividend. Taking into account the company's fundamental level, future capacity expansion and the evaluation of listed companies in the veterinary drug industry, we think that the reasonable value range of the bio should be 2011 years after the dilution of 35 times times the level of P/E, The reasonable price of the two-level market is 61.25 yuan, and it is recommended that the inquiry interval of the first-tier market be 43.75-52.5 yuan.
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