PopCap president reveals ten successful secrets of Plant vs. Zombies

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More Play Network (compiled/drdarknight) by PopCap production of casual games "Plant vs Zombies" in the world sold a total of 150 million. The game is also the PopCap history of the best-selling game. The success of this game in addition to the beautiful picture, but also a refreshing idea. Of course, ideas never come out of the head.  PopCap's Asia CEO, James Gweet (Jamesgwertzman), at this year's China Games Developers Conference (CGDC2010), shared with you 10 valuable lessons from the creation of this little game. 1. Get inspired by other games and innovate on them.  "Plant vs. Zombies" was inspired by the towers and farm games of Warcraft 3, but the towers were replaced with plants, and the monsters were replaced by a wave of zombies. 2. Build a prototype 3. Bisha. There are many types of gardening games in the world. But how do you make your game stand out in these games?  PopCap's answer is, join the Zombies! 4. Don't be afraid of creativity. There are so many examples of success and failure.  So PopCap chose a type of gardening game with zombies. 5. The team is important: choose the partner that best fits you.  Good art and programs can encourage each other and devote themselves to the development of the game, rather than evade responsibility and muddle along.  6. Share the fun of creating games with everyone on the team. 7. Test as early as possible to collect valuable feedback.  Use the forum, the player is the best tester. 8. Prevent players from making inappropriate choices. Many casual gamers behave differently from professional players.  You have to help them make the right choice in the game. 9. Measurement.  Understand the user's behavior patterns, such as how long each time is spent, and make the game the most closely related to the player's changes. 10. Have fun!
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