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Recently a period of time Shanghai Composite Index rally very good, today 07-08 years to buy those funds back out, do the following summary: 1, the Chinese return.  Bought in July 07, redeemed today, based on today's net worth, earning +2.9%. 2, silver growth.  Two times to buy, one is October 16, 07 (like 6,000 o ' Day), the second is March 08, up to now more than a year time, the yield is-25.14%, not redeemed.  3, Silver stable sword two times to buy, one is September 07 buy, the second is March 08 buy, as of now, more than a year, the yield is currently:-12.32%, not redeemed. 4, KA real growth income. March 2008 Purchase.  Up to now, more than a year's time, the yield is 21.17%, not redeemed.  These funds are to help the family to buy, and their own operation of the stock situation, or fund gains ran through the stock, of course, if the stock does not toss back and forth, the estimated benefits are also many, can be a key problem is not able to resist the temptation to toss back and forth.  Buy funds to pursue long-term earnings, smooth short-term fluctuations, so, from the trading situation, open-end funds as long as the election is right or can be taken for a long time, completely unnecessary so tired. There's an old brother in our unit who bought the orchid and the Chengde vanadium and titanium, although it has been afloat since 07, but they are always carrying, motionless, usually only occasionally ask the stock price, other time to do why, so, by this kind of force, his loss is gradually changing schools instead, we study the stock every day  , the daily analysis of the stock of people did not make much money, the reason is actually very simple, every day of research and judgment to make their heart completely disorderly, so sometimes made the wrong decision, in fact, as long as the trend to see, a year to operate so 3-5 times on it, the key is that many people do not reach that realm, the lack of that fixed force. For example, now, we all know that stocks such as bank stocks are undervalued, but they are afraid to buy, even if they buy, earn a 2 cents to run, resulting in loss of more profit opportunities. Of course, no one can predict the future, in these two days, bank stocks desperately lifting index is not good.  The short term really should be adjusted, but I still optimistic about the trend of the medium and long term, based on this, each fall is the opportunity to absorb quality stocks, 09, I think it should be around the banks and real estate to do. For the fund, the choice of index funds This is the simplest approach, because if we judge the current bull market by the macro fundamentals and the stock market volume, then the index fund is the biggest benefit for everyone, if you have a previously lost fund and want to buy it,  I personally recommend a fill operation instead of buying something else. I think the worst of the capital markets has passed, or so the bear market is slowly retreating, the bull market is slowly coming, this judgment is based on the rise of some stocks, in addition to the highly valued subject-matter stocks, some of the other healthy stocks are gradually getting better. Of course, the unilateral bull market like the 2007 will not come soon, at least after 5-7 months of torture period, that is, the so-called build market, when at the junction of cattle and bear, is the most opportunities, CDI friends if they grasp these opportunities, for some quality funds to absorb large quantities, Will get a good return in 2009.
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