Qinhuangdao to obtain new residential building construction task book amount to exceed 13 billion yuan

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August 23, China Metallurgical (601618.  SH,01618.HK said to reporters, the company won the first batch of new residential building in Qinhuangdao 33 Project task book, the total investment cost tentatively estimated about 13.297 billion yuan, accounting for 2009 years of business income of 8.05%.  It is reported that China Metallurgical wholly-owned subsidiary in the construction of High-tech Engineering Technology Limited liability company, with the Qinhuangdao Shi government jointly funded by the Sino-metallurgical Qinhuangdao Urban and Rural Development Co., Ltd. (China Metallurgical Construction shareholding 97%), officially received the above-mentioned project task book.  Previously, the Sino-Metallurgical construction of High-tech Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with the Qinhuangdao Shi People's government and the "Cooperation framework agreement", agreed to set up a cooperative company to assist Qinhuangdao to further the implementation of urban and rural integration, accelerate the construction of urban and rural economic and social development of a new pattern The project involved a total of 33 new residential construction projects in Qinhuangdao Shi 6 counties.  The total area of the project is 12,400 Mu, and the old area is 55600 acres. Qinhuangdao municipal government will be within the jurisdiction of the new residential construction projects, land comprehensive treatment to the cooperation company, the cooperation company in accordance with the new residential construction or land comprehensive treatment direct cost of 1.5% of the management fee, and access to new residential construction or land comprehensive treatment direct cost 6% of fixed income.
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