Ray Pictures former president Zhang to join music as CEO

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Ray Pictures Former president Zhang join music as Entertainment, as CEO (Information Pictures) Sina Entertainment news March 9 Noon, there is a message that the former president of Ray Pictures Zhang to join the entertainment, as CEO.  Zhang himself said that indeed has joined the music as entertainment. There is news on Weibo that the former president of Ray Pictures, Zhang, became CEO.  Sina Entertainment then Wired Zhang, Zhang I admitted that it has indeed left the light pictures, and to music as entertainment.  Le Visual Entertainment has also confirmed the Zhang joined the news, music video Entertainment said, Ray Pictures former president Zhang has joined the music as entertainment, as President, and also as executive Director of the post.  Both the entertainment and the Zhang themselves refused to respond further. Zhang: Zhang, graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai, and received a master's degree in Information science and philosophy, and a master's degree in film production in the early 90. In the United States, his films have won international awards for many times. 2004 joined the light Media, as art director. 2006 founded Ray Pictures, president of the Office.  Its leading team has invested in the issue of "injury City", "Fuse", "Witness", "home has the happiness thing 2009", "East Evil West Poison Ultimate Edition", "Bullfight", "Astro Boy", "the Flower Field Happiness thing 2010", "The whole city Guard", "the fine martial Chen", "the Strongest Happiness thing 2011" and so on 20 dozen movie. Entertainment introduction: Music and video Entertainment was founded in 2008, is a film and television works development, investment, production, distribution and publicity in one of the specialized film and entertainment company, and has listed companies as the advantage of the network as a resource.  Since its inception, has invested in the film "Machine-Man", "Battle of the Horse" and other films. Wang Yunin/Wen
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