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The saying goes, "Dogs, Yuwengdeli," but if this situation is put into modern times, what will become of the situation? The real case of dogs, sandy beach (Sandy Neck Beach) in Massachusetts, USA, is that humans have not benefited, but have helped separate the two animals that are entangled together. Although the rescue in time, but still end up a dead and injured the end of ... "dogs" real photos

The Cape Wildlife Conservation Centre (Cape Wildlife Center) posted 3 photos on Facebook 20th, and wrote that a seagull in Massachusetts was unlucky enough to get stuck in a bird's beak when trying to eat a sea clam 20 centimeters in diameter. After trying to drag the sea clam ashore, a clam on the beach deadlocked, until passed by the people found, just contact the security personnel to help deal with.

The bird's beak of a snipe is stuck in a clam.

Cape Wildlife Conservation Center will be entangled with the snipe to bring back, after some effort to separate two animals. The seagulls are in a more optimistic position and the bird is caught with a beak that can return to the beach as long as it has been treated with a simple medication, but the big clam, which is resistant to the cold, was knocked open because of the "clam meat icing" die.

When the clam was knocked open, it was already dead because of the low temperature.

This series of photos by the PO on Facebook, aroused the enthusiastic discussion of netizens, some people for the rescue of Seagulls rejoice, but also some people for the death of sea clam, but most of the netizens are to Cape Wildlife Protection Center personnel have to express appreciation, blunt "Thank you for your selfless rescue operation."

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