Red and white Machine classic "The Soul Dou Luo: Evolution Revolution" experience

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Three ways to operate I believe many friends in the student era have had an all-night experience, do not pass the secret clearance to open fire. Now this classic horizontal version of the shooting game "the Contra:evolution: Evolutionary Revolution" finally ported to the Android platform, and with the 90 's original version of the same level design, but also added a lot of new elements. Contra:evolution: The Evolutionary Revolution (R) There is no doubt that the battle is the best shooting game of the era, but can it adapt to today's mobile gaming platform? Let's wait and see. Three ways to operate since the battle was originally posted on the Nintendo red and white machine, the game is very easy to operate, which is good news for mobile touchscreen devices. Fewer keystrokes mean less space on the screen for virtual keystrokes. But there are still a lot of other elements on the screen, which we'll mention later. The game contains a total of three sets of operation: fixed position virtual rocker, follow the finger of the virtual rocker and classic arrow keys. The Soul Dou Luo: The Evolutionary Revolution (contra:evolution) fixed-position virtual rocker has a fatal flaw, that is, it is difficult to accurately press the oblique key, compared to the position of the rocker will be better, even if the player is in the center of the screen can be, but the disadvantage is too high sensitivity, Even a slight shift in the fingers can trigger squats or runs. The Soul Dou Luo: Evolutionary Revolution (contra:evolution) and the classic direction key I think is the best control options, but also flawed, is almost every boss battle, the player's role once moved to the corner of the key will be thumb block, it is almost inevitable to hang off. Contra:evolution: The Evolutionary Revolution ("The Soul of the Revolution") cancels the fire key, the character in the game will always fire automatically, the player does not have to be like when playing red and white when the child is mad press. The Jump button has a large area and is comfortable to press.
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