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Listed less than one year, the Red Sun Pharmaceutical (300026) has been using its good performance returns, confirmed his pursuit of stability and realistic development style. As a rising pharmaceutical company, the Red Sun Pharmaceutical industry has made the world's pharmaceutical peer to take notice of the product-"blood will be Net", which unrivaled in the field of domestic sepsis treatment.  Red Sun Pharmaceutical Chairman Yiuching very value innovation, in the future planning of enterprises, he told the Chinese Securities newspaper reporter, the company will be a solid advance of new drug development strategy, the red Sun pharmaceutical industry into a "big health field" of new drug leading enterprises. Strive to enhance Maori space China Securities newspaper: The company's flagship product--blood must net injection and low molecular weight heparin calcium Two kinds of injection gross profit margin respectively 6.84% and 45.41%, the reason is what?  What measures does the company intend to take to respond? Yiuching: The main reason for the decline of the company's drug gross profit is cost promotion.  Among them, the blood will be net injection to safflower, Chuanxiong, Angelica and other Chinese herbal medicine as raw materials, the price of these Chinese herbal medicines since the beginning of this year, the increase of 70%, resulting in a significant increase in cost pressure.  and low molecular weight heparin calcium raw materials for heparin, due to the strong demand abroad, resulting in recent years, the sales price has continued to climb, the overall increase of more than one times, which directly makes heparin calcium products in the first half of the gross profit margin is negative. We are currently unable to accurately predict the second half of Chinese herbal medicine prices can be stable, from the company's point of view, we will further reduce costs from the technical aspects, in addition, we also plan to establish the pretreatment of Chinese Herbal Medicines Workshop, their own raw materials before treatment. This can ensure the stability of the company's supply of medicinal herbs, reduce procurement costs and risk, on the other hand, can carry out quality control of medicinal materials, and thus ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products. Although the current gross margin of heparin is negative, this situation does not exist for a long time.  We will also continue to work on other cost controls and improve product yield. At present, from the situation of price increase at home and abroad, we have other ways to enhance the gross margin, such as improving the yield, although the company has been working to improve the level of technology, but the technical difficulty is relatively large; on the other hand, blood will be net of the company's products, has a certain degree of market visibility and market share, brand influence gradually improve, We will strengthen the market promotion efforts. At the same time in the face of complex market and competition, we will promptly adjust the business strategy, such as academic promotion strategy, price strategy.  In addition, for heparin calcium products, the company's goal is to reverse the loss situation at the end of the year, to ensure that the company's profits continue to grow steadily.  Product markets continue to roll out China securities Daily: Blood net products as one of the main sources of profitability of the company, the future market growth potential? Yiuching: In the treatment of sepsis, at present our country has only approved the blood will be net this product. At present, the cognition of sepsis in the world is very wide, but in China, the cognition of this concept is still in its infancy. Therefore, in fact, the medical market for blood products is widely used in the field of medicine, including immunization, blood systems, cooling and so on,Even, orthopedic, gynecological, cardio-cerebral vascular treatment areas. However, due to the cognitive level and the current company personnel restrictions and other reasons, the current product covers only about 1500 hospitals nationwide.  These hospitals are mainly concentrated in the tertiary hospitals, and even the two are not yet fully covered, while 80% of the coverage is mainly concentrated in the general ICU area and the emergency areas of less departments. At present, the company mainly through professional academic publicity, to the doctor to promote the net products of blood. The overall potential market space we expect is broad.  The first half of the year's sales increased by 47%, so we believe that the objective of blood will be net injection of future sales growth prospects.  China Securities Daily: What are the specific plans of the company in the sales promotion of the blood net product? Yiuching: The company plans to focus on the next year will be the main blood net products to orthopaedic treatment, the future to the wider field of promotion, and gradually make the net demand for blood will be fully released.  Last year, the sales of blood must net close to 10 million yuan, the future reached 20 million yuan sales, should be no problem. In addition, the company is also studying the effervescent tablets of blood-net products, the main market for oral tablets is OTC. I believe that the future oral effervescent tablets will be the company's blood will be net product growth highlights.  It is expected that the species can report clinical trials next year, and probably will require two time to complete, when the market is expected to expand significantly.  Because the blood must net product mainly in West Hospital use, the Chinese medicine does not know much about this, therefore the company also plans to increase in the future the product in the Chinese medicine field propaganda dynamics, currently the company has held two Chinese medicine sepsis the forum.  Extra funds to do another plan China Securities newspaper: in the Kong Rendang, one of the companies in Beijing this May to increase the capital, and hold 42% of the stake, to become the largest shareholder, what is the reason for consideration? Yiuching: The company is very optimistic about Kong Rendang's technical advantages and team advantages.  In the technical aspect, the Kong Rendang mainly controls the accuracy and safety of Chinese herbal formula granules through fingerprint spectrum. I think that the future of Chinese medicine granules should be the development trend of modern Chinese medicine, but also the main form of standardization of Chinese Medicine, the Future of Chinese medicine granules can even compete with Chinese herbal pieces.  At present, if the company develops the Chinese Medicine granule industry chain, will also enjoy the independent pricing encouragement policy, therefore the industry development foreground is very optimistic.  China Securities Daily: In addition to the above funds use, the company also has about 200 million yuan of super raise funds have not yet been implemented, in this respect the company has any plans? Yiuching: The investment direction of this fund has been initially considered, for example, in order to protect the continued growth of the company's business, the company considered using some of the funds for other projects related to the company's main business, including but not limited to the original production conditions for technical transformation, expansion; new gap planting base, purchase research  Production and operation of related facilities, equipment, in addition to some such as mergers and acquisitions, the purchase of production and management reserved land use rights and other projects. Overall, the company's investment areas located in the great health, will, as always, in support of innovative drug research and development efforts to make our company a newPharmaceutical industry leading enterprises. Red Sun Pharmaceutical program can be five years later, the realization of a echelon of a class of new drugs on the market. Anti-HCV drug is one of the only products in the market size, then it will be able to exceed the current size of the company's performance.  The traditional products in the field, in the development of blood must net domestic market, we will also moderate speed up its internationalization process.  China Securities Daily: The company intends to cooperate with the Shanghai Institute of Medicine of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop new anti-HCV drugs, which will contribute to the future profitability of the company? Yiuching: The company intends to develop new drugs for hepatitis C, including an active component of hepatitis C virus, which has a good inhibitory effect on the hepatitis C virus, has developed into a new type of chemical drugs in the hepatitis C country, has applied for the relevant patent. The drug is an international drug, and the company plans to use the drug as a stepping stone to internationalization in the future.  Because the international medicine market is very broad. The company will also be in the domestic access to clinical documents, will be synchronized in Japan, Europe and the United States to declare clinical trials. It is expected that the drug will be listed in the domestic market after five or six years.
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