Rents rise for the first setback volume price exchange pattern basically forms

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Evening News reporter Yang Dong reported that there was no new regulation policy issued in July 2010, all over the second-hand housing market in the slow recovery process.  Reporter learned yesterday from the relevant channels, Beijing, Tianjin, Sui, Shenzhen and other 5 major cities second-hand housing turnover is higher than June, but far less than the same period in 2009;  July all over the second-hand housing market, the biggest news is that the rise in rents for the first time to be curbed, which is basically consistent with the previous estimates in central China. According to the Central Plains leading index system data show that, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Sui, deep 4 cities second-hand housing rental index fell slightly, while the Shanghai rent index rose significantly narrowed.  In the first half of the second-hand housing rental market after a continuous rise, has gradually become stable, it is expected that this situation will continue to remain in the second half. Another notable feature is that because the second-hand housing market volume is low, some of the demand through leasing market to cash. This situation prompted the July rental market to continue the June active trend, some cities second-hand housing leasing transaction rebound amplitude.  Beijing and Shanghai July second-hand residential lease turnover of about 2 million square meters, is twice times before the new deal turnover.  Second-hand housing market experienced 3 months of policy digestion, has basically formed a pattern of exchange of quantity and price. Monitoring data show that July 5 of the largest cities second-hand residential volume growth 7%~48% ranged between the Shanghai and Shenzhen rebound amplitude, reached 45% and 48% respectively.  In contrast, the price index of second-hand housing in Shanghai for nearly 3 months continued to fall, with a cumulative decline of 6.3%. It is noteworthy that the recent Shenzhen, Shanghai and other parts of the mansion plate turnover suddenly enlarged.  According to the Central Plains transaction data statistics, some of the central city of Shanghai second-hand housing turnover also increased significantly, mainly Xuhui, Changning, Huangpu and Pudong and other central areas. Zhongyuan Group Research Center Manager Guanving said that there are roughly 3 reasons for this situation. First, with the recent urban centers, especially some of the new luxury mansion plate supply reduction related to the second is because the quality of luxury houses, buyers long-term appreciation of its potential; third, the recent decline in market prices, luxury investment customers tempted to "copy bottom."
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