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For the newly built station industry, the small rookie, free virtual host of the attraction is tantamount to millions of cash, it for the webmaster create the Internet myth to create a seemingly good platform. and enjoy free service webmaster Most of the WTO is not deep, interest or "Daydream" is their greatest power, this power is very fragile, in the site suffered a major blow, their dreams and interest will slowly fade. The risk of using a free virtual host is high, in order to sustain that momentum.

The author cautions the rookie not to use free virtual host. As for why, listen carefully to the small part of the analysis.

Free hosting is just a marketing stunt

The internet can not be developed in China without the words "free" and "sharing". Throughout the past, the existence of free virtual host, many are in order to expand the host business marketing effect and exist, it is undeniable that most of the host to provide free virtual host is a charge of the main products to play if you do not believe that the author, can be a big Baidu.

may be everyone contact free products more, for the charge space will have a resistance mentality, free virtual host as a can quickly open the market situation of products, but also can effectively gather popularity.

In the eye economy, driven by free virtual host, free VPS and other products such as bamboo shoots thrive, that is, these free space configuration is how low, can not withstand the crazy chase everyone.

As long as you have a good opinion of the Internet friends, most have a "webmaster dream", but the high threshold cost of building a large number of people, the free virtual host turned out, have to say is a psychological compensation for them, with the owners of the free virtual host of the full understanding of the optimization and promotion of in-depth understanding, Most stationmaster has already changed, become to provide free virtual host provider's charge user. Existence is reasonable, free virtual host for the webmaster to provide a "dream" platform, but also for the host to cultivate high-quality potential customers.

Free virtual host is in disguise of "consumption"

The use of free virtual hosting is actually in disguise of "consumption", this consumption is not necessarily in the consumption of renminbi, but also include other things.

For example, most free virtual hosts need to be renewed regularly, help host to play a few ads, praise them, qualified words you have the right to continue to use, this is typical for them to "work" in exchange for free virtual host use of the way, of course, for most webmaster This "work" is not very harsh;

Some free virtual host limited the type of Web site and the number of visits, beyond their limits only by paying a certain fee in exchange for the opportunity to continue to use the site, although the cost is relatively small, more than more than 10, less than 35 yuan, but this Mickle charging mode, Within a year you'll be spending a charge on a virtual host; There are also some virtual hosts that limit the search engine's crawl to save the poor bandwidth of the free virtual host, which means that the site space you build on the free virtual host will never do much, so the site has no future.

Free virtual host doomed to "entrepreneurial" failure

As mentioned above, most people contact with the station, basically for interest or dream of "one Night Rich", but set up in the free virtual host of the site space is no future, in the absence of after-sales service, no Baidu crawling site space to build a "wealth of the Empire", no doubt became a mirror of flowers, water months, over time, In all aspects of pressure, the decline of the site is inevitable.

Here to advise you, if you really harbor a dream of internet entrepreneurship, suggest or spend some money, buy a set of guaranteed to have after sale of the website hardware, also be to buy an insurance for your dream, after all, buy the virtual host and domain name now to spend not how much money, free thing also can say is dispensable thing, There is no pressure to generate power.

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