Rui Odd shares the rate of 0.76% frozen funds 81.766 billion

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Panoramic network September 26 Rui Qi shares (300126) announced the Sunday evening announcement, the company's initial public offering a shares online pricing issue of the rate of 0.762622443%.  According to its price calculation, the internet frozen funds 75.078 billion yuan, plus the net freeze of 6.688 billion yuan, the unit total frozen capital of 81.766 billion yuan. The online pricing issue of effective purchase number of households for 225,400 households, the number of effective purchase for 2.208 billion shares, the number of numbers for 4.4163 million, with the number of starting numbers 000000000001, the cut-off number is 000004416340.  The online pricing of the issuance of the rate of 0.762622443%, oversubscribed multiple subscription is 131 times times.  The distribution of effective purchase under the network to obtain the proportion of placements is 2.140315201%, the purchase rate of 46.72 times times.  The sponsors and issuers are scheduled to carry out lottery numbers on the morning of September 27 and will announce the results of the lottery on September 28. Rui Qi shares the issue price of 34 yuan/share, the company issued a number of 21.05 million shares, of which the network issued 4.21 million shares, accounting for the number of the issue of 20%, the number of online distribution of 16.84 million shares, accounting for the number of this issue 80%. (Panoramic net/thunder)
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