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Following yesterday's Microsoft E3 Congress introduced the new features of the Xbox, netizens are still guessing whether Apple should buy Nintendo to fight Microsoft, but today the situation quickly changed, Samsung is planning to enter the gaming industry, and its use of the unique weapon is streaming media company Gaikai Cloud gaming platform.

Samsung will launch the new platform service at next week's E3 conference to become the fourth-biggest "> video gaming platform after Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo." "We will push Samsung into the gaming world and it will soon be the fourth major video gaming platform," said Gaikai CEO David Perry. ”

Samsung does not release the game host this time, it will use cloud game technology to put the cloud game in a new mode on TV, so as to ensure that the game quickly into the market, Gaigai will be in the near future beta version test. Because the game host is not released, users can buy a game controller, keyboard with USB interface, and connect it to a TV or PC with a broadband connection.

About the cloud game, the game itself is not running on a computer or TV (where they are mainly the function of the display), running mainly through the network of data centers, game graphics and logic algorithms using advanced graphics technology high-end server processing. The resulting processing results are visually displayed on the user's PC or TV via a broadband connection. The game supports 720p HD, this is similar to the video resolution of the general game host.

Perry said: "Samsung is not fully intended to rely on Gaikai, the game released, Gaikai mainly provide data center construction and streaming media technology, Samsung has been collecting game suppliers, currently known 37. So this is Samsung's own game, it operates on its own, and other suppliers are just supporting it. ”

Perry also said the cloud game technology uses Nvida's latest Kepler graphics chip to support up to four players, which support multitasking and cost less. (Click here to watch Perry with Nvidia and Gaikai cloud image technology demo famous game Conshohocken).

Samsung will no doubt meet many rivals in the cloud game race, and the 2010 Cloud gaming service OnLive will be the number one competitor, but Perry says: "Samsung has the ability to be big, it has incredible market performance, and cloud games help to spread the game in large areas, Really open the game live room to any corner of the world. ”

(Responsible editor: Lu Guang)

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