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Absrtact: Zhou said, 360 will continue to increase in the Internet security efforts to make their services better.

Zhou 祎, chairman of Qihoo

February 25 Morning News, for the odd tiger to dabble in content information, and even into the portal site rumors, Qihoo 360 chairman and CEO Zhou yesterday to accept Tencent technology connection was firmly denied. He said that people who spread the false news of Qihoo "are likely to be trying to provoke the relationship between Qihoo and the portal."

February 24 afternoon, the industry to Tencent Technology revealed that Qihoo 360 will be involved in the field of Internet information content, and will launch a new portal site. The source also said the news that Qihoo was involved in the portal was "very accurate".

Zhou in the connection with Tencent technology in anger to deny this statement, and said the rumors "completely nonsense." He said that Tiger focus on the Internet security field, will not be to do the portal site, a lot of recent rumors about the strange Tigers flying, "the spread of this message is likely to be to provoke the tiger and the portal site relationship."

Zhou 祎 further explained that he himself and Qihoo once did content, but finally or completely to the Internet security field, "We will continue to increase in the Internet security efforts to make their services better."

Yesterday evening, there are close to the Qihoo, Tencent Technology revealed that the strange tiger involved in content to do the portal is not credible, Zhou before doing the content of the flat, and the Internet security business is inferior to many, "Qihoo is currently in the Internet security field a lot of opportunities, is not likely to go backwards."

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