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Science Fiction "Permanent: Online" large multiplayer on-line role-playing games have recently lowered the game's test requirements and updated the information on the Nexus system.  The network expansion system (networked Extension utilization Bae), or the Nexus component, will help improve the performance of some machine components, and players will perform better when working in teams.  Game screenshots at the beginning of a more comprehensive testing experience, permanent: Online cancels out some of the application requirements for Test players: From now on, applicants who apply for the test will no longer need to fill in a motivational letter, and the system will activate the account at 600 regular frequencies at a time.  The network expansion system or Nexus component will help improve the performance of some machine components, and players will perform better when working with teams.  "Permanent: Online" has now introduced 9 models of Nexus components that will help improve the efficiency of game operation. Once activated, these components will be able to assist all team members within a 100-metre radius. This range of radiation can also be extended to 400 m by the associated system.  If the player goes out of the range, the effect disappears immediately. Screenshots Game Screenshots All team members are free to use the Nexus component within the group, but can only receive 3 different Nexus components at a time, while one model of the Nexus component can only use one at a time. (Edit Zhang Xing)
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