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This is an article written in the previous month's work because of the intimate information of the company. Currently temporarily inconvenient to open the name, had to use * to replace the first! Everyone forgive me, to exchange the Welcome to personal blog Http://, the following is spent four hours to write things, I hope that the seoer can make more valuable comments on the draft,

* * Online new station on the line, as an E-commerce station, website optimization strategy has become an important part of the site business strategy, * * * network development process necessary to have a reference for the * * Net SEO program. Comprehensive earlier formulation, * * Net is as a large station group planning and construction, SEO strategy should also have its characteristics, combined with its own ability, is to provide the first draft of the case

SEO is a comprehensive, long-term projects, the need for all departments to work together, SEO accompanied by the whole process of web site operation, only in the continuous practice to improve. In the project development we need to avoid several misunderstandings: no clear purpose, only a single ranking measurement effect, forget the main content, only for ranking, think SEO is pure technical means, not accurate analysis of our keywords and real needs, for links and links, no good operating mode and so on.

* * Web as a large web site, the previous strategy will be related to the final optimization of the effect. So the case first on the SEO strategy mentioned, SEO generally available for operation is the site structure, page code, page layout, external links, such as a few chunks.

First of all, we analyze the statistics of China's * * * * * Net for more than one year.

Choose key words we need to consider several points, first, brand building; The second is the user experience that can bring traffic.

Brand building key words, we must maintain absolute advantage. Specific choice of words, can be planned, the editorial department to discuss the determination.

The format can be the core keyword, extension: for example, the core keyword alias, after the core keyword combination, etc., the core keyword auxiliary.


China * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Online wholesale * * *

Wholesale Center * * * * * * * * * Purchasing Supermarket

Be in the business of

User experience the nature of the key words, should be set thinking broad meaning, the site users to consider how they will use the search, business, customer service department colleagues should also know more about the use of customer search habits, application level. Provide some key words,

But also note that the key words can not be too broad, too wide will lead to fierce competition, the need to spend a lot of time and energy, and will reduce the similarity of keywords; the key words can not be too cold, no user search keywords, no optimization, do not bring the first one IP traffic. It is important to emphasize that the key words with the page content to maintain a high degree of similarity.

Large site, different from the station. The optimization value of our pages is in reverse order. is the final page > special page > Column page > Channel > Home page. So our keyword assignments can be based on

End page: For long tail keywords

Topic page: For popular keywords

Section page: For fixed keyword

Channel page: for core keywords

Home: The theory is not to assign keywords, but brand-oriented.

* * All pages in the future can be grouped into it, the establishment of a detailed distribution list.

Specific operations to see how many pages to build, and strive to each page has a separate title, and the page title contains valid keywords, reasonable arrangement of content information and effective keyword design, each web design dedicated meta tags

Second front-end search engine friendly building, including UI and code two points,

UI search Friendly, the main is to achieve clear navigation, can use text as far as possible with the text, can be displayed in the picture will never be made flash.

Code-friendly to ensure simplicity, the less the better, avoid HTML errors and semantic tags. Important information as far as possible, with keywords, possibly updated information selection appears in the front of the HTML code position, filtering interference information.

We use XHTML to build a * * network, to absorb the early construction of China's * * * * * experience. Strive to further in the code, to standardize, concise, has also been improved.

Internal link building of the third site

We strive for hundreds of thousands of of the Web site content, in the construction of the chain to show their due advantage. Increase the link between the site, enhance the spider's crawling index efficiency, improve the collection of topics, so that the theme of the keyword in the search engine has a ranking advantage.

The specific operation is, control the number of the chain in the article, interspersed in the article in the link according to the number of articles controlled in 3-8 or so, the object of high relevance to the important Web page more attention, so that important more keyword-worthy pages get better rankings; The link uses an absolute path.

reflected in the * * Web may be the product detail page, company introduction page, the article detailed page of the mutual chain. The communication channel uses tag. Requires editorial staff to adhere to the SEO principle daily. The information release should refer to the list of keywords provided by the technical department.

Strategy for External links

General SEO Exchange links have several principles: link text contains keywords, and the relevance of the site, channel Exchange links, the other site to export the number of links can not be too much of the same page is not too much value; avoid and be included in the end and be punished by the search engine site exchange links

has our current site of the industry scale status, there can be required to a number of better outside links, planning and promotion personnel need to improve their understanding of positioning, PR > 4 IP >10000, but also to strengthen * * Net soft wen!

Site Map Strategy

Our large site data mass, web site structure navigation complex, update frequency is also very fast, search engines can not completely crawl all the pages, it is necessary to build a better grasp of the entrance. Only to ensure that the number, only good to do rankings. Ensure that the list page is included, can greatly improve the mass receipts.

Site Map a good navigation structure for user-friendly, but also conducive to search engines. The map contains links to major channels, columns, and topics. Also ensure that each page has links to the site map. Proper submission of XML maps, the old station effect is not obvious. The new station is more effective!

Six engine friendly writing strategy

The key is the title and meta writing, meta now SEO industry basically don't mention, but bad meta writing, such as stacking keywords, keywords and content unrelated behavior but will have a negative effect. Title The highest weight, seo effect most obvious, including the short title of the most advantageous, long title because of the semantic dispersion, will greatly reduce the importance of keywords.

China is now the title of the net, because the first important key word selection is not very good collation, do not system, * * Net can draw experience to do better!

The seventh is the analysis of stage log and data mining.

Work is often overlooked the importance of it, but I think it is very meaningful, large sites can not be aware of the current state, there will be no good development. SEO work is closely related to the import of search engine traffic, search keyword analysis, user behavior statistics analysis. Data mining is a potential hot spot in the grasp of the relevant editors for the industry information sensitivity to higher, for hot production of special topics!

The eighth is to create a special topic for the key words

Apart from the final page, many of the major sites on top of a variety of topics for popular keywords are usually the second largest source of search traffic. The content of the topic is highly matched with the keyword, which provides the content for the user and the search engine. We have also had a lot of special topics at the moment, but the effect is not obvious. Just to build, not to protect the topic of the search rankings. * * Network flow to upgrade, we have to through the article within the chain, channel page recommendation, the final page of the topic recommended to enhance the scope of the topic link, enhance the theme effect!

Clean up the SEO strategy;

Website SEO best hope is the whole static processing, but the integration of our current reality, consider the advantages of dynamic files, only the balance of processing, that is, for some content static, is currently the static of the article class, the static home page.

For the engine has the advantage of static news, should increase its contribution to the * * network flow, rich content of the page display information, increase import chain. So the article template should be SEO considerations. Generation mechanism to be more flexible, mainstream CMS are doing very good, necessary reference! A period of regeneration, the user is not to be seen, but the spider is a valid new content, may again crawl, retrieved into the database, increase the number of included, promote rankings. Has been proved to have a good effect!

The Title of the piling up is counterproductive, short and clearly fit the length is the best. Meta description can be appropriately rich, product information page of the product information is fully included in the entry can be, but to conform to the rules of language grammar. SEO Industry advice is 32 characters and 255 characters. Keywords function is the worst, but can also be considered as a supplement, but never piling. Well-known site SEO is done more successful. Also conforms to the specification!

First expected main final page, the current China * * * * * data to draw two main flow

Article detail Page

Title: (article title)-** Network Information Center

Description: * * Net (column name) information, (article title) (can be set to display the introduction of each column text)

Keywords: (article title) (key words that are set when each article is published)

Ensure the difference in each article, and keyword density. The title of the article is our long tail keyword

Product Detail Page

Title: (Product name)-(company name)-** Net

Description: (Product name) by (company name) supply, contact person: (Contact), * * NET (Member level) main products (main)

Keywords: (product name) (company name) (main)

Product name as a key word, personal advice is title without company name, but may have objections!

Company Detail Page

Title: (company name) main (main)

Description: (company name), (address), mainly engaged in (main), (telephone), if you need to buy (main), please contact us (company name) (contact person), first-class quality, competitive price, is your choice.

Keywords: (company name) (main)

Title attached not to our website name? Personal advice is not added, short to facilitate SEO

Section page, the title of the channel page, Description, Keywords, depending on the specific circumstances, combined with fixed keywords, the core list of key words to write another description

The other issue is to implement the optimization strategy described earlier in the UI design and code writing.

Implement the strategy of the case, * * Net search engine optimization effect should be better than China * * * *!

Above for * * Web search Engine Optimization Draft, submitted to colleagues to explore!

Emphasis on this article so posted out ugly, is in order to everyone, the network of many Seoer master products to be perfected! But don't be too vicious and abusive! The reprint of the brother best to keep my address: do not want the purpose of communication can not be achieved!

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