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A few days ago, I chatted with a classmate's father and talked to their dog, and asked his son what he liked most about their dog. Answer Yue: Executive Force! Go wherever you go, say where there is a cat. Haha, a bit far away ... In fact, SEO is so, plainly, search engine optimization methods There are many, the key to see how these methods are implemented! As long as the implementation of the force in place, I believe that any method can be ranked do up!

To do outside the chain, can only use perseverance, that is, the above mentioned executive power. This is like the forum check-in. Must work, can't escape! But if write a good quality soft, you can avoid some repetitive operation, usually have the ideal webmaster reprint other things will leave your website, search engine or read the Web site. Although not outside the chain but in the search engine in the eyes of the weight is also a certain transmission! Daily insist to send some outside the chain, write some original or highly false original articles, appropriate to add collection of articles, so the spider will be stable to your site to feed. But the premise is that the food provided is to be delicious, the second is to be punctual, outdated.

Found a very strange things, many SEO will think that the second income represents a site weight symbol, but I do not think so. The reason is that my station is currently a new station, on-line less than 3 months, but my part of the article will be search engine seconds. This is also my puzzling place, some of the articles sent out in seconds, some articles for a long time will not be included, summed up is that those false original articles are easily included, hard to write the original is not included, sometimes angrily sent to the A5, the result is even more tragic, A5 and a variety of reprinted by the Crazy included, And my own website Kuiranbudong, very puzzled ah. But also indirect proof of seconds and the weight of the site is not directly related to! Large high-traffic site information is really seconds, but the second does not mean your site weight!

For the key words, my understanding is not to think that the pursuit of the ranking of the subjects, we can through the countryside surrounded by the city's method to attack one by one, site optimization, we must be around the long tail word, supplemented by the way to promote. After the long tail words up, the subjects will also increase with the weight of the site to upgrade! And for search engines to provide relevant keyword search, we must not give up, collected, used as a long tail keyword optimization! Some days ago, a webmaster sent articles that if a website traffic more than 50% depending on the introduction of the main keyword, Then this site is already very dangerous! For Search engine optimization, I very much agree with that webmaster said, this is indeed a dangerous signal, Baidu is always updated may make your subject plummeted, but if the deployment of a large number of long tail keywords, even if the subject dropped, Also will not cause the site to face no one's situation! But to do the long tail of the most important thing is the executive force, tens of thousands of long tail words, not a short period of time can be deployed to optimize the completion of the need for strong perseverance and determination! These are all derived from powerful executive power!

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