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Medical advertisements have long been a big grey industry. In these years, more and more people online treatment, according to the survey, China's internet use of search engines to seek medical attention about 70 of the netizen, can be seen is a huge group. So more and more medical information constantly appear, the major medical information, such as Wu General set up a medical website, to create a variety of authority, a variety of professional, impact on the patient's eyeball, our original generation of soft writing on behalf of the industry received a lot of lists are about medical.

In particular, the rise of the search engine in recent years, the search engine optimization industry has become more popular, how many medical hospitals, medical products smashed heavily invite high-quality SEO original articles on behalf of experts to build their online medical kingdom. Or a lot of people simply directly to the promotion of Baidu, pay high promotional costs.

We occasionally hear that Baidu crackdown on medical brush words or Baidu adjustment algorithm, I personally think, to a large extent, is in the maintenance of its own interests. Baidu is due to promote Baidu search engine is the largest source of revenue, so they will continue to adjust the algorithm, as a search engine optimizer, can do is to adapt to the adjustment of its algorithm, research new Baidu spider crawling law, the most suitable for their own program.

Below, let us briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the medical search engine, why is this a gray industrial chain?

Advantages: The ability to find medical resources through search engine patients to understand the relevant information, faster and earlier to seek medicine.

Disadvantages: First from the Baidu point of view, Baidu a large number of promotional links just according to promote the Commission to rank, that is, we say that the price of the ranking, the higher the ranking, and can not identify the authenticity of medical information or not. Many patients from Baidu to promote the medical link to be deceived, thus triggering a previous famous Baidu and the 360 search war. Secondly, from the point of search engine optimization, search engine optimizer relies on a variety of SEO optimization methods, in order to help employers get better search engine optimization rankings, the reliability of medical information is not guaranteed. So users should be cautious when choosing what to search for.

Search engine optimization At the beginning of a website operation, the significance is significant. A new framework of the site in the early days, the search engine on behalf of a blank, so search engine optimization marketing, that is, we often say SEM, represents the Web site network operation and marketing in one direction.

Search Engine Optimization Although the status of the search engine layout is the lowest, but its impact is indeed enormous.

First of all, search engine optimization is the user's search habits and real search needs, the site's information more "rely on" to provide users, the site to bring the flow and conversion rates are far more than the traditional network marketing model.

Second, as a result of these years, the price of search engine bidding rising, and constantly improve. For some small sites, long-term search engine is undoubtedly a huge load. For example, Baidu as an example, Baidu homepage of the keyword bidding, a single has been raised from two years ago, 1.5-2 to more than 4 pieces. And Baidu's bid mode elusive, its keyword bidding search of the regional more chaotic, often appear for a period of time regional traffic surge, our original write industry price recently a period of time also slowly improve, formerly High-quality SEO original article on behalf of 1 yuan to write hundred words of price, soft text generation hundred words 5 yuan price, Now slowly rose to hundred words 1.6 yuan or even two yuan, soft writing also rose to the hundred words 8 yuan or even 10 yuan and there is still a trend of price increases.

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