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SEO can increase the weight of the site and rank so as to win more customers, but often unreasonable optimization is also easy to make the webmaster to a misunderstanding, which led to the failure of the overall site optimization. Then webmaster optimization often encounter which optimization errors, we in the optimization should pay attention to what? This article does the following discussion.

One: The content of a large number of updates may not be good

As a part of search engine optimization, content is undoubtedly playing a decisive role. Many times webmaster in doing site optimization often a lot of update articles to get the friendliness of search engines. However, the spread of the article can also cause negative effects. After all, small webmaster you can not guarantee that every update of the article all original, and for the weight of the site, so to optimize the search engine is very fatal error. Do not imitate the station to learn, because you are not authoritative, search engine will not give you so much weight. As for the false original although there is a certain degree of feasibility, but do not recommend excessive, original site and false original need to match with a reasonable update. In general, small and medium-sized webmaster every day in a website update a few original will get search engine's favor, also need not too anxious. Even if you are 3 articles a day, then one months down there are nearly dozens original. Over the same term, the weight of the intangible is also improving.

Two: The chain is not necessarily the more the better

The more outside the chain of course the effect on the site is also better this is well-known things, but taboo is the outer chain of hair. A lot of times some webmaster in order to increase the number of sites outside the chain to use outside the chain tool to users mailbox, forum, blog, message board, and other locations of thousands of sending junk outside the chain, seriously damaged the network environment, the network made a mess. Such an outside chain became "outside the chain" not only a good effect, will also lead to the decline in ranking, and even the search engines think that cheating, blacklisted for the closure of the station processing. Therefore, the quality of the chain has become the only choice of webmaster.

Three: Do not hide text and links

Hidden text, is the webmaster in order to improve the keyword density of a way, on the one hand increased the keyword in the page of relevance, but also increased its density, and ordinary users browsing the page is not visible. But do not think that this optimization for the search engine benefits, in fact, is a kind of unfriendly performance, search engines tend to think you are cheating. So for the text of the keyword hidden webmaster or do not do, lest outweigh the gains. and hidden links and hidden text is the same nature, and sometimes some webmaster will be linked to the White paper sent out, in fact, this is not friendly to search engines, is still counterproductive. Otherwise everyone would do it, is it difficult to release the chain?

Four: keyword piling up

In the past few years the time keyword stuffing may play certain role, but with the search engine algorithm unceasing innovation, the keyword stuffing has undoubtedly become one kind of webmaster deliberately enhances the webpage correlation cheating one means. The most reasonable keyword optimization method is: the same page not more than 3 times superimposed. And if it's best to keep each page in the keywords tag, it has a keyword that belongs to its own page.

Five: keyword positioning errors

Keyword positioning error, not in line with the layout of the page structure, from the overall site and the actual content of the opposite, and how to do SEO? Such sites are also difficult to be really made out. So in the determination to do optimization, you must select a reasonable keyword for the site, and then further optimization. If it is a theme of the core of decentralized sites, how to optimize the road to achieve success.

VI: Any exchange of links

A lot of times a part of the Webmaster for Friendship Link exchange positioning only stay in the site did not fall right to exchange. However, arbitrary and unrelated sites to exchange links to search engine links is not a good role, but also by the search engine positioning as a spam (in order to improve the site ranking and wanton exchange of links behavior). A simple example: if a webmaster station and a home improvement site Exchange links, then such a link is a purely to improve the click and ranking to do a link. Therefore, the link to have a selective exchange, and the site related to the subject of a strong exchange of Peer-to-peer website is the best choice, the webmaster should pay attention to.

Seven: The thought of once and for all

Do not think that the keyword to do on the ranking can be permanent improvement in search engine optimization to maintain a good ranking only continue to do what you should do, once and for all the thought of life, or the network are not workable, everything goes backwards. This is also some do business site webmaster often make mistakes, spend a lot of money will be ranked to do up, but no matter how long the ranking fell down. So, there is a good ranking to always have a sense of vigilance constantly go beyond the inherent status quo, can go longer and farther.

Summary: This concludes this article, mainly discusses some common search engine optimization errors. Welcome Exchange supplement, this article original from the Electric Business Circle A5 First press.

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