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Recently, found that a lot of friends consulted on the concept of search engine rankings do not understand. Search engine rankings for network marketing planning, is a more important method. Because these days, search engines have a high status on the Web. Are mainly the friends of the search engine rankings to understand the misunderstanding of three categories.

One: Accurate search results are not equal to the natural rankings. A lot of friends said, search engine rankings, I entered my professional words, showing the results, I was the first, has been very good ah. Here's a reminder that the word you typed is your own word. Very rare. Even unique, of course, show that you are the first one, for example, you enter "". Needless to say, in which search engines show up is the first, or even only one. But that does not mean natural rankings. Because you are precisely searching, the display is, of course, the exact result. Who will search the search engine on the word, I am afraid that only own it. This is not to attract traffic. The right thing to do is to enter a word that you want to compete on your site and the words of the public. So don't be complacent because the exact search results are the first. This is a big misunderstanding.

Second: Bidding ranking is not equal to the natural ranking. Many people know Baidu, with Baidu, but do not understand Baidu. The perception of rankings rests on a non-commercial perception. In fact, careful people can see Baidu's search results, the first few, some of the two words "promotion", and some did not. Here's the problem. Promotion of the ranking is basically always in front of no promotion. This is what I want to say "bidding rankings." The bidding rankings cost money. It costs money to get ahead of the line. When someone clicks, he needs to give Baidu money. and nature rankings are not promoted. Others point more, you do not need to give Baidu a penny. So it's obvious that bidding rankings will naturally be in front of the natural rankings. But if he doesn't spend any day, you'll definitely surpass him in the rankings. So remember, bidding rankings and natural rankings can not be the same. There is no good which is bad, see which is suitable for you.

Third: Natural rankings (SEO) is not equal to ensure that the first row or a few. Here, some friends will ask, since you can not guarantee the first line, then you do SEO? Don't worry, let me explain it slowly. Doing SEO is a long period of work items. There are also many factors. Some of them are a mishap. Even if you work the top of the day, you can not line up in front of him. For example, some government websites have the same words as you do. You can't get in front of him. For example, you are a People's Republic of China. Even if you multiply your work score by 100, you won't be in front of the government website. For example, how can not be ranked in front of the bidding. There are several mishap, and this is just one or two of them. So some friends will think that doing SEO is not appropriate. In fact, we do SEO can commit to a better ranking. In other words, we can make you surpass other competitors in the same condition. For example, 10 sites, background conditions and other aspects of the situation, we can make your site to the first. According to my experience, now even if there is a mishap, most of the words in all walks of life have the opportunity to appear on the first page of a relatively good ranking.

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