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At the end of last year, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a new seed industry policy "Draft", the industry dividend to the relevant listed companies, although the real impact has not been reflected, but the impact on the capital market has been formed.  According to a notice issued today (January 18) by the Tsuen Yin Gao Ke (300087), the closing price of $60.00, the company intends to carry out a plan to increase the capital fund of 10 shares per 10 shares in view of the increase in the entry threshold for the industry.  The Tsuen Yin Hi-Tech High division proposed to send a notice to the board that the Tsuen Yin Hi-Tech department proposed that the 10 shares of the Capital Provident Fund should be added to 10 shares, and that the reason for the "high transfer" is to cope with the increase in the entry threshold after the introduction of the new regulation. December 13, 2010, the Ministry of Agriculture website issued "on the open request for the management of crop seed production and operation Licensing (draft) advice". According to this draft, seed industry companies to apply for business license threshold is divided into three stalls: the application of hybrid corn and hybrid rice plant seed business License, the registered capital of not less than 5 million yuan; application for hybrid maize, hybrid rice and seed import and export business license,  The registered capital needs to be more than 30 million yuan, the registered capital is not less than 100 million yuan for the application of transgenic rice, corn and wheat seed. In the old version, the maximum threshold for registered capital is 30 million yuan, and there is no 100 million yuan in this file; In addition, for production permits, the draft of the request for comment also sets the same threshold as the operating license.  Tsuen Yin Gao Ke currently registered capital of 52.8 million yuan, the company believes that the formal management of production and operation Licensing will soon be introduced.  Access threshold to improve the company has securities brokers agricultural analysts told the Daily Economic news reporter, the current a-share a few major seed companies, registered capital of 100 million yuan below the only one of the Tsuen Bank. In addition, another researcher pointed out that even under the new rules, the registered capital of more than 30 million yuan can apply for hybrid rice, corn, the two major seed production license and operating permit, the Tsuen Yin Tech Centers This move may be another article. The researcher speculated that, according to the draft of the request for comment, more than 100 million yuan can apply for genetically modified rice, corn, wheat seed production and Operation License, "the company may be in the follow-up to the development of reserves?"  Or is it simply a reason for 10 to 10? On the whole, however, the researchers agreed that the upcoming new deal would be an "industry dividend" for the listed companies. Registered Capital Scale is only the most basic requirements, in accordance with the draft of the future whether to apply for production or business license, the files are also corresponding to the size of fixed assets have more detailed requirements. Xiang Wealth Securities analyst Yu Qingqing said that a sharp increase in the industry threshold will stimulate the seed industry to accelerate the integration into the substantive phase.
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