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Each of us stationmaster know, a website if want to get a very good rank in Baidu, homepage of SEO optimization setting plays a decisive role. So, how do we go to complete the site home about SEO optimization settings, so as to achieve a good SEO optimization status? Take this opportunity, by virtue of their years of experience in SEO, and exchanges and exchanges with you.

Home Title (title)

If we are to do Baidu rankings, home title (title) is very important, now the SEO industry is popular in such a sentence: "Write the title of the first page, your ranking is equal to the success of half" of course, this sentence is a bit exaggerated, because, Baidu ranking algorithm is very complex, Not simply write a good title on the first page can be stable to get a good ranking. However, this sentence is indeed to do Baidu SEO optimization in the "bone marrow", because, Baidu and Google's search engine, Baidu on each site's title of the first page (title) attaches great importance and sensitivity, Google is not very concerned about the label. Can say, now, Baidu to each site keyword ranking in accordance with one of the main headings in the first page of the keyword to determine, so, often heard that some webmaster in the revision of the title (title), Baidu does not include, or was Baidu down the right, or was Baidu K station, This kind of thing is quite likely to happen, because Baidu is too sensitive to this label, if we often modify the title of the first page, will seriously affect our rankings, Baidu will think that our site is not stable enough mature enough to provide users with long-term and stable services and needs, perhaps, Also make Baidu search engine mistakenly think that your site is intentionally deceptive user behavior, so Baidu will be your site to give the right or punishment, Baidu will be its better position to leave more mature more stable site, so the development of our website is very unfavorable. These, to a new station more obvious, relatively high weight some stations are not so serious. So, how do we write a good home page title? That is: In the title of the 32 characters (Baidu to the title identified only 32 characters), as far as possible you want to optimize the core keywords, remember, make good use of these 32 characters, every character as far as possible do not appear duplicate words, There may also be use of Word segmentation technology (word segmentation technology due to limited space, this does not make too much description, we can search in the A5 of the article on the word segmentation technology to refer to it, when the title (title) written well, we will try not to modify, here to illustrate a point, All of the sites do not have a single site page title is written perfect. Of course, if the early Web site is eager to line up, did not locate a good site development direction, that is, the core key words on the line, the title (title) also written on the deviation, this time how should we modify the keyword? My personal experience is: Change the title of the time, must be from the title (title) After the word gradually to the front of the word modification, a change not too large area of the modification, if the title (title) after the next day, Baidu as usual update your snapshot, then the next day you can continue to modify the previous title (title) in the words, if this time, Baidu therefore stopped the collection or to your site for the corresponding down the right, then you have to stop the title changes, waiting for the site after the right to be againModify。 Here to remind you, modify the title of the same time must add some high-quality outside the chain to attract spiders to your site.

Home Description (Description)

Home Description (Description), you can say that his importance and the title of the first page is as important as Baidu to each site keyword ranking according to one of the main words in the home page description (Description) in the key words to decide, Baidu for each site description ( Description) as very important and sensitive, so we do not randomly modify the home page description (Description). So how do we write home page description (Description)? First of all, we should know that Baidu can identify the first page description (Description) only 68 characters, so we have to carefully write a good home page description (Description), Do not repeat the same word in these 68 characters as much as possible, make good use of these 68 characters, using Word segmentation technology, you can combine these 68 words into more and more keywords, so the optimization of the site ranking is very favorable, in this you can refer to our dating sites: stuffed Edge net http://, Home page description (Description) is how to write, you can say, we use Word segmentation technology, the first page title and page description (Description) in the keyword, Can be combined to cover the dating industry almost all the core keywords.

3. Keywords (KeyWords)

Keywords in different industries have different meanings, in different time periods also have different values, here do not do too much description. But there is about this, in the SEO industry has always said such a saying: "Home key words can not be too much, otherwise it will spread the weight of the first keyword." I have a deep understanding of this, before, I would like to put all the keywords all written in the home page, when our key words reached more than 90 characters, our keyword is difficult to optimize a good ranking, when we put the keyword into 15 characters, the keyword ranking is very good to optimize up. If you want to combine more keywords in the home page, it is recommended to use Word segmentation technology to cover more keywords, so that the weight of the keyword will not be dispersed.

In addition, there is this point about the critical density, I personally also agree with 2%≦ density ≦8%, there is a point I also have experience, whether Baidu SEO, or do Google's SEO, when the homepage keyword to reach between 3%-5%, keyword ranking is better, of course, do not push the product keyword.

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