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The beginning do not know how to write, anyway a little tangled up, and today to share some of their own tips, maybe a lot of people will, so they are lazy to write articles. If write down can be more profound, that is willing to write! PS: The Montana of light years to share some experience out, brother thirst thirst WOW!!!

SEO details how to monitor the effect?

Many students hear the effect of monitoring, you know nothing but traffic monitoring. If it goes up, the premise of the program out of effect, if the fall of that is certainly the previous scheme has no effect. In fact, this will be very one-sided, with the whole to sum up the details of the! Although the overall is grasped, but do the detailed data comparison will be more meaningful, so that the effect of SEO can be quantified in the overall strategy to guide the quantitative details of the effect.

Here will use Google Analytics to quantify the details of the changes after the SEO effect. The function that is used is GA powerful screening function, this is much better than 51,CNZZ, so also when is a small skill to share, willing with the new person mutual encouragement.

EXP: page code position changes after the SEO effect data monitoring!

GG Administrator Help document said "100K content will not be indexed" so in the processing of page code, will use the important relevant content code area ahead of time, so that important information into the index to participate in the algorithm process, to get a better ranking. Write a streamlined page code of the SEO document and implementation, it needs to be said before to use GA to monitor the details of the flow change effect.

Google Crawl way point I teleport door

The Visible (indexed) text of the first 100KB in the Web page. If there is no content, it may indicate that the Web page is generated entirely from Javascript or rich media files, with no text-oriented content. You should approve this type of text to ensure that there is no exception content. If it contains exception content, it may indicate that your site has been hacked. (Note: The contents of the Googlebot crawl may exceed the previous 100KB text.) )

Looking at the changes in the page flow effect, I generally go to see GA 2 Latitude:

Flow source → search engine optimization → target page-to the specific page range ranking and CTR monitoring

Content → content → Web page-to the specific page range of views, the only identity browsing volume monitoring

After the specific columns, channels, pages to filter. Many people in the screening, the accuracy of the grasp may be extensive, this is also my previous mistakes, resulting in inaccurate data, deviated from the real details of the data. For accurate questions, look at the Web site URL structure familiar degree. For example, I only want the Directory form page browsing volume, then I will filter all the HTML suffix browsing, but some pseudo static pages will still exist. php. dynamic pages are browsed. This part if the URL to do the specification, generally difficult to be accessed, but do not rule out some login to be visited after the situation, so in this piece of refinement can be accurate, with the idea can be filtered. Any site features are not the same, so an SEO on the basic situation of the site must be very good understanding.

Flow source → search engine optimization → target page-– the ranking of specific page range and CTR Monitoring

This latitude has the need for average rank data, CTR data, and modified page specific range area. This is one of the most basic SEO effect reference data in this proposition. Changes in the page ranking change and click Rate will be reflected here, is a drop, is more point, or point less, can know.

Enable Advanced Filters – Filter Process: Determine page range – Filter html– filter Dynamic pages – Identify comparison metrics.


Get the daily results of the display number of clicks on the average ranked hits for Excel Records (GA already has a chart record, if you want to get a custom chart can Excel record);

You can also use the GA view window to export the upper left corner of the function, to see their preferences bar, the use of GA to export TSV format is more useful oh ~ can also be added to the information center (but the Sensory Information Center and the standard report data is not uniform)

Here, after the revised week, one months after the data analysis, you know the page range of average rankings, click whether the change.

Content → content → Web page-to the specific page range of views, the only identity browsing volume monitoring

When you know the ranking of the changes in the data is only to know the effect of SEO, but many bosses and bosses are looking at your browsing volume, so you need this latitude to play the role of data report,

Enable Advanced Filters – Filter Process: Determine page range – Filter html– filter dynamic pages. (Filter process and the same as above here is not screenshots, the determination of the data must be unified to avoid data deviation)

After determining the data (a site that does not do SEO, of course I'm just an example, this chart will be steeper if you implement specific details)


Finally, I found myself good silly force, very simple several steps to write so much nonsense, ashamed, light-years of the basic friends are basically know, the novice we together to encourage;

If there is a mistake to point out, thank you!

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