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Keywords SEO use text readable

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The readability of the search engine

① use text instead of flash, pictures, big pictures, JS, etc. to display important content or links.

② If you must use Flash to make a Web page, it is recommended to make a text version for search engines and use text links on the homepage to point to the text version. Like what:


(Although the Web page provides a wealth of information, but because the information is in Falsh, search engines can not be extracted, for search engines, this page does not have any content)

③ajax and other search engines can not identify the technology, only used in the user needs to exchange places, do not want to search engine "see" to the navigation and text content into Ajax.

The use of Ajax: Search engine can not read the content of Ajax, there is a suggestion: the use of HTML links in the Web navigation, to ensure that the site in some of the Javascripti open browser can also read, in the Ajax use of real links, such as

<a href= "Ajax.htm? Foo=32 "onclick=" Navigate (' ajax.html#foo=32 '); return false ">foo 32

④ does not use frame and IFRAME frame structure, content displayed via IFRAME may be discarded by search engines.

⑤ the style of the Web page through CSS style, then placed in the external CSS file, and then called in the Web page. or by linking the lengthy JavaScript code to the end of the page.

⑥ the longer JS file in the file.

⑦ removal of unnecessary annotations, too much annotation will increase the volume of the page, reasonable use of annotations is the design of the Web page requirements. (Baidu homepage Size: 7.25K, Google homepage size: 14.9K).

⑧meat Label

A. What to follow when designing title

1, only put 1~2 a key word.

2, not more than 25 characters, 50 English letters. (because the search engine gives the title space is limited)

3, the more core keyword emission position in front.

4, do not have special punctuation, the proposed "_" or "-" separated,

5, into the long tail keyword

6, each page should not be identical

Take a different title for each content page

If each content page has the same title, the search engine will understand that every page of your site is the same theme. You can extract the article title of the content page and place it in the front section of the page title.

b, the Keyword keywords label use "," (note is the comma of half-width), a good keyword optimization should not exceed 4.

C, in the design of description to follow the following content

1, keyword settings: The beginning of the keyword, and then randomly repeat.

2, not more than 100 words, 200 English letters.

3, the core of the key words more put in front.

4, do not have special punctuation.

5, into more long tail keyword.

6, each page should be different.

⑨ search engine can not recognize the picture, if not do a good picture description, will be lost is the flow of image search. To the site's key images (especially the site logo) plus alt tag, contains a short sentence of keywords, clearly describe the picture can be.

For example, in the following page you can add the Alt attribute of the picture to highlight the main contents of the page.

⑩ the simplification of the Web page is the process of simplifying the code, related to the loading time of the Web page, and search engine can contact the central content as soon as possible, it is recommended that the size of the Web page within 105K, because the search engine only on the first 5000 words of the Web page (this is for Google

Ii. The order of the website structure

① ensure that each page can be reached by at least one text link.

② important content, should be able to from the home page or the site structure of the relatively shallow level access.

③ for each page plus navigation bar, so that users can easily return to the channel, the home page, you can also make search engine convenient positioning of the Web site in the hierarchy of the network structure.

④ website with more content, it is recommended to use breadcrumbs navigation, which makes it easier for users to understand the current location: Home > Channel > Current Browsing page.


(through breadcrumbs, users can clearly know their location in the entire site, you can easily return to the first level of the channel or home page is also very convenient)

⑤ Reasonable web site structure should be a flat tree-type network structure.

The structure of the site is proposed to adopt a tree structure, the tree structure is usually divided into the following three levels: Home-Channel-article page. Like a big tree, first there is a trunk (home), then a branch (channel), and finally leaves (plain content page). The tree structure is more extensible, the content of the website becomes more and more, it can be easily responded by subdividing branches (channels).

The ideal website structure should be more flat some, from the homepage to the content page level as little as possible, so the search engine processing, will be simpler.

⑥ Site Map Sitemap is generally divided into two types: HTML site Map (Baidu) and XML site map (google) (Sitemaps). But for search engine optimization seo, the default is XML Sitemaps.

The normalization of URLs

① the same page in the Web site, only one URL.

* Search engine will choose a URL for the standard, may be different from the genuine.

* Users may recommend different URLs for the same Web page, and a variety of URL forms scatter the weight of the page.

If you have a variety of URL forms already on your site, it is recommended that you do the following:

* Use only normal form URLs in the system, do not let the user access to the abnormal form of the URL

* Different forms of url,301 permanently jump to normal form

* Prevents the user to be wrong to enable the alternate domain name, 301 permanently jumps to the main domain name

* Use robots.txt to prevent Baiduspider from grabbing the form you don't want to show to your users

② allows users to determine the content of the Web page and the structure of the site from the URL, and can predict what will be seen.


③url as short as possible, less than 3 floors.

④ normal dynamic URLs have no effect on search engines. Now many web pages are dynamic database survival, although the search engine now on the Dynamic Web page crawl and search records on no problems, but in the rankings, or static pages more advantages. Static pages to some extent reduce the system load, but also improve the page access speed, system performance and stability.

Which of the following addresses would you choose?




⑤ does not add characters that cannot be automatically recognized by the system as part of a URL.


(the URL added ";", "," and other characters, users in the forum, instant messaging tools, such as the referral of these URLs, can not be automatically recognized as a link, increased user access to these pages difficulty. )

The friendliness of the domain name

① if not necessary, do not complete the whole station to replace the content.

② website revision or site important page link changes, should be revised before the page 301 permanent redirect to the corresponding page after the revision.

③ site replacement domain name, should be the old domain name of all Pages 301 Permanent Redirect to the new domain corresponding page.

The friendliness of the content of the website

① search engine attaches great importance to links. Therefore, it is recommended to add more "more information" to the section of the link.

② when you need to link to more content, don't just use words like "more information," but use words that exactly describe the content. For example, the Village people of the century home page of the "Site dynamic" column, using such as "site dynamic More Information" description, and not just "more" so vague general description.

③ News Reading page at the end of the place to join: The previous article, the latter. Not only increase the user experience, but also a perfect performance of the chain.

④ important pages recommend using H tags

H1,H2,H3 tags and fervent tags are used in Web pages to emphasize the content of a passage. The rational use of label layout and edit page content in website optimization plays a very important role in improving the ranking of websites.

H1, H2, H3, fervent the role of the label from high to Low: H1 > H2 > H3 > Fervent

Usually everyone's understanding of the H1,H2,H3 tag and the use of fervent tags is: H1 define the site title, H2 to define the title of the article, H3 to define the side column title, Fervent to define the key words on this page. But in many cases we must according to the type of site, the specific page features different, the site overall optimization strategy is different to use these tags flexibly, to play these h,strong tag seo effect.

⑤ Production Site 404 page

In the website design seo aspect, 404 page is the minimum request. Any good website that can be trusted will do 404 pages carefully. It should be noted that: 404 pages can not be directly to the home page, which will cause the search engine misjudged the home does not exist, and will be the first page deleted.


Create a simple html404 page named 404.html, place 404.html in the site root directory

Add code to the. htaccess file: ErrorDocument 404/error.html

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