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SEO as a free web site to promote the way more and more attention, a lot of people study a variety of SEO skills, and then differentiate Black hat seo, white hat seo, search engine of every point of change in the eyes of the seoer means to do some big and small adjustments to the site, Even a lot of people are starting to hate every adjustment of the search Engine website optimization is also increasingly opposed to search engines, in fact, every adjustment of the search engine is to improve the user experience, think of the original search engine is what kind of, everywhere is repeated content, full of advertising sites, full of keywords but no actual content of the site everywhere, There are even a lot of pornographic websites. And now when you search for content to find content more and more relevant, the quality of the site is also getting higher, all this is the search engine in the continuous improvement of the user experience results. The following author from the user experience point of view to analyze some of the seoer eye optimization techniques.

Good site structure is more conducive to ranking:

Any site wants to be able to maximize the retention of customers, good site structure is particularly important. Imagine a customer coming to your site through some sort of channel, read an article after feeling good, but not very clear, or some professional words are not very understanding, this time to give other similar article links or professional vocabulary interpretation links, users should be how happy. This kind of website search engine can not pay attention to.

High-quality content is the root of the site:

When users search the search engine after a keyword to open a lot of web pages, can be the same content, if you can solve the problem, if not solve the problem, the user is quite depressed. If your site is all over the collection of content, casually open a website can be seen, the user's first feeling is not professional, a copy of the site can be a good site. Things to dilute for expensive, all over the land is naturally noble thing. So high quality, have a unique view of content believe users will like. This site search engine does not value that is absolutely his loss.

A short domain name with keywords is better:

Web site is for others to see, and want others to remember, a short keyword with the domain name users easier to remember, more easily spread, people like search engines also like.

A page without a title hates:

Each page should have a unique title just like everyone has a name, if your page is not a title or the same title in such a vast number of information in the age of the estimated no one will take a look, which is the search engine attaches great importance to the title of the page.

The ALT tag is important to the picture:

The first server performance is not how, when your site's pictures can not be displayed when the user also through the alt understand the content of this picture, if neither see the picture and no text prompts always feel this web page strange, the site's user experience is certainly a nosedive.

Stable servers are essential:

Imagine a user search a word into your site, but your site is not open for a few minutes, users will make what choice, and occasionally a justifiable, Zooey so how to the user to explain to the search engine.

There are a lot of optimization points, here is not a list, in fact, think carefully about each optimization is the search engine from the user experience point of view to make adjustments, the user experience is endless, so the search engine adjustment is endless, any want to once and for all website is not exist, do SEO is to do a good user experience.

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